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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Korean Drama "The Ghost Detective": Episode's five and six recap

 Air Dates: September 4th to October 31, 2018 Back to back episodes Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on KBS 2  Director: Lee Jae-Hoon    Two episode ratings: 3.5 and 3.6%

 Main Cast:

 Choi Daniel as Lee Dai-Ii.... Detective at the 'A Few Good Men' agency, also an ex-army sergeant who left due to a scandal
Park Eun-Bin as Jung Yeo-Wool.... new assistant at the 'A Few Good Men' agency who works about five part time jobs and also had her sister die mysteriously
Kim Won-Hae as Han Sang-Sub.... owner of the 'A Few Good Men Agency' that's going bankrupt and a huge Sherlock Holmes fan
Lee Ji-Ah as Sun Woo-Hye.... mysterious woman always dressed in red
Lee Jae-Kyoon as Park Jung-Dae.... young, gung-ho police detective
Park Joo-Hee as Baek Da-Hye.... lawyer who once represented Da-Ii
Lee Joo-Young as Gil Chae-Won.... coroner who can communicate with ghosts

 For now that's the main recurring cast but will add to the list once new ones are introduced.

 This series airs on KBS2 yet their promos for the episodes have English subs so wish they longer than 30+ seconds. This pair of shows have been the best of the eight I've viewed to date, don't know if it can keep the pace up but if it can could be my #1 drama of the year. Have never done a 'Top Ten Dramas' list for a year and probably won't ever but perhaps will have one post for this year's fave shows and it seems I've been lucky as almost every series has been a winner this year.

 Can't believe how much happens in this drama, there's been so many twists already to the plot and we learn so much more about everything in these two shows. So much won't be rehashing too many events from the first four shows so if you missed those recaps may be a good idea to read those.
 At the conclusion of the fourth episode Da-Ii and Yeo-Wool had rushed to the roof of a restaurant where the manager was about to throw himself off. He's not a suspect in the death of Yeo-Wool's younger sister Yi-Rang though to her his sexual advances may have had something to do with it. It's definitely because of the strange powers from the mysterious woman in red who will be mentioned often in these two recaps.
 Da-Ii had reached the manager first but when he tried to pull him back his hand went right through the body but Yeo-Wool was able to save the man from falling off the roof. When Da-Ii asked her what's going on Yeo-Wool's comment was what you see above, 'You're dead!'. That threw Da-Ii for a loop, how could she know something like that. Yeo-Wool is no expert at the occult nor does she have any past experiences with ghosts but for some reason just knows Da-Ii is dead and now a ghost.
If you did read the first recap it explained how Da-Ii was killed though up until now we thought he was alive.
 After saving three kidnapped seven year old children from their kidnapper Da-Ii had been hit over the head. Shortly after that he was buried in a remote field but had dug himself out of his grave so all us viewers presumed he was alive which wasn't the case. Least now we know where the title "Ghost Detective" comes from and Da-Ii isn't the only one in the show. Shortly after the woman in red made her appearance, she was able to put the illusion in the manager's head that Yeo-Wool was actually her sister. The manager upon seeing Yi-Rang became so disorientated and guilty he threw himself off the roof to his death.

 Arriving in the scene was the young detective Jung-Dae who is slowly becoming an important character. He seems to like Yeo-Wool but has his doubts about her stories, she's now been around two people who have died and that count will grow even higher. For now he lets her go as there's no evidence she was involved in the death. Also on the scene was Da-Ii who Jung-Dae couldn't see because he was a ghost. That's a mystery which hasn't been revealed yet, why is Yeo-Wool the only human who can see or hear Da-Ii?
 He doesn't know himself why she's the only person who can see him, even his partner Sang-Sub at their inquiry agency can't see him. Sang-Sub has no idea of what's happened to Da-Ii, he's still working on the kidnapping case as even though the main person Chan-Mi is now dead he's positive she had an accomplice. To date his search has been fruitless but us viewers are fairly certain the woman in red helped her with the crime.
 Just added a name to the character list at the top who is the coroner Chae-Won. She's been assigned the autopsy case of Chan-Mi and also has to discover how the dog died which appears to be from a human bite which was from Da-Ii. Chae-Won works somewhat closely with Jung-Dae describing the deaths and she feels something supernatural is going on but for now keeps it to herself. The pair end up working even more closely in the next recap, Chae-Won has a hidden past and odd powers which we'll see then.

 The mysteries keep growing and growing. That bottom screenshot above is of the woman in red who is lying on a hospital bed as she's in a coma, what happened is something that we haven't learned yet. She does have a name which is Woo-Hye but seeing as how none of the characters know it yet will keep referring to her as the woman in red until her true name is revealed. Jung-Dae is still working on the manager's 'suicide', he discovered footage from a security camera that Yeo-Wool was at the scene just prior to his death. However Jung-Dae can't find anything to tie her to what really happened as there was no camera on the roof. One thing the camera didn't catch was Da-Ii who had been next to Yeo-Wool, for the time being he wants his death to be kept a secret.
 At Yeo-Wool's residence she has an eerie experience, because of it she puts on her dead sister's hearing aid. It gets even eerier then as she was able to see a flashback with her sister Yi-Rang, could this hearing aid be some sort of connection to the past? Da-Ii thought so but he didn't have any sensation when he wore it, perhaps it just works for Yeo-Wool because it was her sister's. Da-Ii has an inkling about something and drags off Yeo-Wool to an unknown house which has been unoccupied for years, we soon learn it's where Da-Ii used to live with his mother.
 This was a very long scene but also quite an important one. Da-Ii doesn't explain anything but didn't need to as Yeo-Wool seemed to know what to do and entered his old bedroom. Shortly after her entrance Yeo-Wool put the hearing in and just like that she was viewing a scene from the past, about five years ago to be exact. Da-Ii's mother was sitting alone in the living room when all of a sudden Da-Ii was in front of her, how could this be when he was never in the house? That's because it wasn't Da-Ii but just an illusion of him as watching from behind his mother was none other than the ultra evil woman in red!

 What this woman had against Da-Ii and his elderly mother is unknown to this point, a better question may be what does the woman in red have against all of her victims? Da-Ii wasn't actually there talking to his mother as it was an image created by the woman in red, the illusion attempted to make his mother feel so guilty she would kill herself. However that plan didn't work out so well for the monstrous woman, she gave the mother an ultimatum to kill yourself or watch me murder your son!
 With that final threat Da-Ii's mother seemingly had no choice and proceeded to slash her throat with a broken piece of glass. Shortly after this brutal scene Da-Ii arrived home but his mother was nowhere to be found. He noticed a few droplets of blood leading to the bathroom, upon entering he saw the gruesome sight of his mother lying in the tub that was filled with her watery blood.
 The scene ends there with Yeo-Wool returning her vision to present day, now she and Da-Ii know the truth about his mother's sad death. That just makes the mystery about the woman in red even deeper for the pair, both swear to take revenge on the creature but where do they start looking for a ghost? Just then it almost appeared as the woman was listening to their conversation as Da-Ii's old bedroom began to shake violently as an earthquake was happening. A bookcase almost fell on Yeo-Wool, she was saved by Da-Ii pushing her out of the way and she's still the only thing he can touch without his hand passing right through.

 Getting nearer to the end, there's no such thing as a short K-drama recap. Da-Ii seems to feel as though he knows who the next target will be for the woman in red and he plans on returning to the Dasom kindergarten where he was killed. He tells Yeo-Wool to head back home but that's out of the question for her as she too wants revenge on the the most evilest of women. Plus with Da-Ii unable to touch anything he'll need Yeo-Wool's assistance almost 100% of the time for now on.
 Da-Ii was correct for knowing who the next victim will be, it'll be the principal of the Dasom school but will the pair be a bit too late? Already the woman in red is on the scene, the principal whose name is Young-Hee is lying in bed but she won't be enjoying a peaceful sleep. She hears a noise from the ceiling, as she opens her eyes to look up a dead body hanging by a rope slowly descends from the ceiling. Not just any body but the one of Chan-Mi who had hung herself at the school after she had murdered Da-Ii.
 In a panic Young-Hee fled her house and jumped into her car driving very erratically through traffic, was expecting an accident though none happened. She eventually returns to the school but we don't see what happens to her until the next recap. Meanwhile Da-Ii and Yeo-Wool have arrived at the school, they split up to find either the woman in red or the principal. Da-Ii entered the school and revisited the scene of his death, he had to leave quickly as a strange sound was driving him loco.   When he went back outside he thought the saw the woman in red and gave chase, he couldn't catch her but ended up finding Yeo-Wool. She was bending down helping a young girl out, what one would be doing at the school that time of night is unknown. To Yeo-Wool it is was a little girl but Da-Ii saw everything clear as day, the figure was actually the woman in red who was reaching for Yeo-Wool's hand. Da-Ii screamed at her not to touch it, on that note these intense two episodes finally and I mean finally hit their conclusion.

 Whew, what an exciting pair of episodes those were and somehow managed to make this recap a tad shorter than the first two. But much more did happen but don't think any major details were left out but were some minor ones that may have been overlooked. This drama probably requires viewing screenshots more than any other one I've recapped as so much does happen and luckily have been taking many more of them for this series, close to seventy of them for every recap. To see how that final scene plays out the post below this has the details for episodes seven and eight.