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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanase Nishino post' #42

 The official date for Nanase's graduation has been set and it won't be taking place for another three months. That date is February 24th, from the 21st to the 24th Nogi will be holding four concerts for their annual birthday bash and the shows will be taking place in her hometown of Osaka. However Nanase is only going to appear at the final show on the 24th, guess that's to build up the suspense and scalpers are going to have a field day selling tickets to that show.
 So we have plenty more time to enjoy Nanase as a Nogi member, her 'graduation single' came out last week so there probably won't be another one around that date. Wouldn't mind another PB though and would think that'd be a nice farewell present. Three previous members have had a book for their departure including her rival, Nanase's departure will be exactly 734 days after her graduation.

 Plenty of new pics for today but won't be having any more Nogi cards for the rest of the year. Will be having Nanase's second card post in about a month with all of them from July until December, will have any for the last two months in that post. Nanase's career certainly isn't ending, just her time as a singer as she'll continue modeling along with increasing her activities as an actress. These are brand new pics here from the GRL fashion site, they have so many these are only about half of them and in her next post will have plenty more.

 Been doing a lot of thinking on it and have decided not to have a 'Top Twenty Faves' list for this year. Just had my all time top twenty list plus in January will have two more, one will be for my top Korean actresses plus the first one ever for Nogi/Keya members combined.
 If there had been a list this year Nanase would have been #1 by a huge margin, bet she has a good chance of taking the top spot on the Nogi/Keya list. She's been an exclusive model for Non-no since April 2015 and sure she'll continue modeling for them. As usual have so many pics from their Instagram site and also as usual there's way too many of them to post.

 Nanase's spreads for Non-no are normally fairly big but that's not the case for January's issue as it's one of her smallest to date but bet they'll have a huge memorial for her graduation. Third pic down shows her at a ball field, really enjoyed Nogi's 2015 drama 'Bemars' and it's a shame they never had another series with the first generation members.

 Have two more superb mag spreads for today with this first set being from the December edition of Bubka. Many other members had sets too and had them in the last group post.

 Nanase has the cover for the final set of pics which are from the November 29th issue of Young Jump. Nogi has a new CM out now for Mouse though she's not in it but do have a long video after the pics that has six of Nanase's older Pizza Hut CM's.