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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Korean drama "The Ghost Detective": Episode's three and four recap

 Air Dates: September 4th to October 31, 2018 Back to back episodes Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on KBS 2  Director: Lee Jae-Hoon    Two episode ratings: 3.5 and 4.0%

 Main Cast:

 Choi Daniel as Lee Dai-Ii.... Detective at the 'A Few Good Men' agency, also an ex-army sergeant who left due to a scandal
Park Eun-Bin as Jung Yeo-Wool.... new assistant at the 'A Few Good Men' agency who works about five part time jobs and also had her sister die mysteriously
Kim Won-Hae as Han Sang-Sub.... owner of the 'A Few Good Men Agency' that's going bankrupt and a huge Sherlock Holmes fan
Lee Ji-Ah as Sun Woo-Hye.... mysterious woman always dressed in red
Lee Jae-Kyoon as Park Jung-Dae.... young, gung-ho police detective
Park Joo-Hee as Baek Da-Hye.... lawyer who once represented Da-Ii

 For now that's the main recurring cast but will add to the list once new ones are introduced

 At the top of each of the recaps will usually have a promo video for the two shows and that's what we have today at the top. Ratings for the drama may not seem too impressive as they're right around the 4% range but it does air on KBS2 which isn't nearly as big as the regular KBS channel. That first recap was a bit on the long side and hopefully this one will be a bit shorter.

 At the conclusion of the second episode Da-Ii had been buried alive by the deranged school maid Chan-Mi. As you can see above he's somewhat okay as Da-Ii managed to escape from his grave and for a while was just wandering around the city undercover to solve the crime(s). But as you can also see above there's no way he can get revenge on Chan-Mi who was found dead hanging from a rope at school. Of course the question is did she commit suicide or perhaps was it done by the two other suspects in the kidnapping case which was the kindergarten teacher or the mysterious woman in red.
 Yeo-Wool had been told to stay home by Da-Ii but when she didn't hear from him she knew his plans had gone awry. She rushed to the scene and wanted to enter the school as she thought Da-Ii may still be inside though we all know he wasn't. At the crime scene was the young detective Jung-Dae who feels Yeo-Wool knows much more than she's telling. So far his part hasn't been too huge but have a feeling we'll be seeing much more of Jung-Dae who may become a thorn in Da-Ii's side.
 Before Yeo-Wool can tell the detective what may have happened out of nowhere to whisk her away was Da-Ii's agency partner Sang-Sub. He told Yeo-Wool that under no circumstances was she to tell anyone of Da-Ii entering the school. Sang-Sub explained to her with Chan-Mi hanging by a rope he would be the prime suspect as he's nowhere to be found. Yeo-Wool is usually gung-ho but she doesn't have any experience in detective work and she realizes the huge mistake she almost made. Sang-Sub is a major character though we don't see him again save for a flashback after that scene early in the third episode.

 There were a few flashback scenes which I'll talk about now. The first had to deal with how the 'For A Few Good Men' agency opened two years ago. Sang-Sub had been in need of a partner and Da-Ii was the only person to respond to his ad. The two kind of hit it off quickly but Da-Ii did lay some ground rules such as he'll work on only the cases he wants to. Need to check further on the law but guess in Korea you're not allowed to advertise your agency as a detective one and can just call it a inquiry agency.
 In the bottom screenshot it's another flashback from some years prior and the scene was narrated by the lawyer Baek. She had represented Da-Ii in his court martial case form the Army, he was a staff sergeant and under his command there had been a soldier who died which the Army called a suicide. Da-Ii knew it wasn't and when he raised an objection to the upper brass they slapped a phony charge on him for selling classified info. The charge didn't stick but Da-Ii wasn't allowed back in the Army which is how he ended being partners with Sang-Sub.
 The third flashback was with the job interview Yeo -Wool had with Da-Ii in the second episode to become his assistant. He knew there was more than met the eye and he asked Yeo-Wool why she really wanted to become his assistant. She revealed that a month before her younger sister had died, it had all the makings of it being a suicide as her sister Yi-Rang had slit her throat at the restaurant she worked at. Yeo-Wool did admit that happened but there had to be a reason for her sister doing that to herself.  Yeo-Wool had arrived at the scene just before her sister died, holding her in her arms
Yeo-Wool's sister pointed to a woman, the same mysterious woman in red we saw at the end of the second episode and appears at many death scenes.

 As Yeo-Wool said the woman wasn't even caught on camera, who is this mysterious woman and could she be the 'Ghost' in the show's title? Yeo-Wool had explained more of that death to Da-Ii in the fourth episode, he suddenly appeared at her door one night and that was a mistake on his part as she quickly sent him sprawling. She's the first person Da-Ii has approached that he knew since being buried alive and he's very curious about Ya-Rang's death, he's a person who seemingly believes in the the very mysterious and occult happenings.
 Back to the Chan-Mi death and for now her body is in the morgue. Visiting the place was the young detective Jung-Dae who knows there's more going on than meets the eye. Also in the morgue was the dog Bo-Ri who was dead and by the coroner's assessment it died by a human bite, the one Da-Ii gave it at the end of the second episode? Chan-Mi's ears were also cut off which the coroner believes was a self inflicted injury though Jung-Dae has his doubts. He's starting to get wrapped up in this case and he feels things are too simple for an open and shut suicide case.
 While Da-Ii was operating undercover he had continued his investigation into the kidnappings. He was able to surmise that the dog Bo-Ri was part of the crime, the children at school knew the dog well so when they saw him they would go chasing after the dog. That's how Chan-Mi was able to lure the children away from a crowded place and kidnap them but to Da-Ii there had to be another human accomplice but by the end of the fourth show he still hadn't figured out who.

 It's not the last we'll be hearing of the Chan-Mi case as it's still unsolved but don't know if this will be continuing on for the entire series. But for now the main concern is finding out the truth behind Yeo-Wool's sister's 'suicide'. Da-Ii recommends sending out a text message from her phone to all who were at the death scene, perhaps someone who feels very guilty will contact Yeo-Wool. That did happen and it was a young girl who had worked at the same restaurant. Min-Jin was her name and she had spread some rumors about Ya-Rang and the manager having sex together. Yeo-Wool was furious about the girl spreading rumors and said she may be the main reason she took her life.
 The rumor may or may not have been true but the manager had been on Ya-Rang's back about many things. Ya-Rang had a hearing problem but didn't like to wear her hearing aid too often. However dealing with customers meant she had to and the manager noticed her putting the aid in her ear one day. Since that moment he had been riding her cruelly and had often said she had to sleep with him but we never learn if she ever did.

 Bit shorter than the first recap as this is the final segment. One other person saw the text message
Yeo-Wool sent out which was the restaurant manager whose name I can't recall hearing. He had been driving in his car with his son and was disturbed when he read her text message 'Why did you do that to me?' that was sent from Ya-Rang's phone. What even disturbed him more was when his son asked him 'Why did you kill her?', as he looked down at his son the car crashed into a pole.
 Both the manager and his son were okay and at a nearby hospital, Da-Ii and Yeo-Wool learned that when they tried to visit his house. The pair then checked out the manager's car to watch the video footage of the crash scene. The son's question had been inaudible for some strange reason but the video showed the above screenshot, once again the mysterious woman in red was at a scene and
Da-Ii is at his wit's end on what is going on, she certainly looks like a ghost figure.
 In the final scene Da-Ii and Yeo -Wool rush to the hospital and ended up arriving in the nick of time. In his room the manager began seeing eerie happenings such as the bed sheets rising as they were alive, they were covered in blood and were seemingly about to attack him. The manager fled to the hospital's roof and was standing at a ledge about to throw himself over when Da-Ii and Yeo-Wool arrived on the scene. He tried to hold the manager back but his hand went right through the manager's body! Luckily Yeo-Wool was able to prevent the manager from falling off the roof and when Da-Ii asked her what happened she replied 'You're Dead'. Wow, kind of a creepy ending with that note and is Da-Ii really dead and if so why would Yeo-Wool know that?

 Have mentioned twice that the drama started out slowly but these two episodes were quite good and am hoping the intensity will continue. Some series are good in the beginning but slowly fade away, have a feeling this series will be one that gets better as the episodes go on and through four shows would say it's been a decent watch. Will be spreading these recaps out a bit, probably two a week for now so expect the next pair sometime at the end of next week. Did cover almost all of the major events but screenshots help you see some of the things I may have omitted.