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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Mai Shiraishi post' #36....

 Think we're all safe from hearing any graduation announcement from Mai for a while which is such a plus to Nogi. Think many fans want her to graduate as she'll be turning 27 next year but to me that age is a plus to the group. Having someone like Mai stay around for a while means they'll keep some older fans as the group is getting a bit too young for me because of so many first generation members leaving. Look at AKB for a prime example, while they still have many fans they're of the group and not of the members and like many I bet out there so much prefer following members versus a group if that makes sense.

 There's not much variety today but bet there's over fifty new pics. Mai has really slowed down on her activities this year though she's still busier than most Idols. Not nearly as many mag spreads, that may be due to the fact she's no longer a model for the Larme and Ray magazines. Then again bet Mai's salary is so much higher these days which means she doesn't have to work as hard.
 Don't who the Japanese public think is the most popular women in the country these days but bet Mai is awful close to being #1. On to the new pics for today and there's just three things for today though naturally all of the pics rate an A+. Have a bunch of new Nogi cards that haven't been posted before, first ones are for September and October while the others are for their 'Noig Koi' app game.

 Mai is now an exclusive model for With but went to their site and didn't see any new pics there. Been a while since she's has done a steamy pictorial but she does look fabulous in every pic and the one mag spread for today is from the November issue of Sweet.

 Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Mai and the rest of the members in some upcoming spreads as their new single is coming out in eleven days. On November 1st she was at the Nikkei Trendy '2018 Hit Products Best 30', Trendy is a magazine. Mai won an award for being the 'Face of 2018' for all of her photobook sales, her events, CM's and for Nogi's record sales. "Passport" was released close to two years ago but has remained a solid seller in 2018 and it may still crack the top ten for sales this year. Plenty of fine looking pics from the event followed by a video of the awards ceremony. First pic has her holding Nogis' third PB which came out this year and what a seller that has been as sales are close to 300,000 copies sold.