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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mina Oba: Magazine scans #14 and more....

 Mina finished 14th in my top twenty faves list for last year but you don't need all five fingers on your hand to count the amount of women that top her looks wise, she gets by heart pumping faster than just about anyone. Mina isn't going to participate in the next AKB general election, she finished 22nd in the last election which was her highest position to date so hope that doesn't mean another graduation is on the horizon.
 Have said it many times but of all the Idols out there Mina is the one who has never had a photobook but is the most deserving to merit one. She'll be turning 25 on April 3rd so looks like the odds of that happening are getting very slim. Mina just wrapped up a stage play called "Masuda Kosuke Theater Gag Manga Days", the play ran from February 15th until the 21st. Mina played the role of Machiko in the comedy play, here are two promo pics and some from it's opening night. Tickets are a bit expensive for plays, even small ones like this play was as the prices ranged from $60 to $76.

 On to two stupendous Mina spreads and this first set was one that was missed from 2016, it's from the final issue that year for SPA!.

 About to start viewing the 'Tofu Wrestling' drama and Mina isn't in it which is so sad. Would love to see her dressed up in those skimpy outfits they wear on the show, she hasn't appeared in the last few AKB dramas. Mentioned above how deserving she is of a photobook, who wouldn't want to look at 100+ pages of pics like these?! This superb set is from the February 14th issue of Young Champion.

 Sigh, how I wish there ten times more mag spreads than those two....
SKE released their second album on February 22nd, here she is with her mate Nao last week at Tower Records promoting the album. After the pics check put a strange video from last week as Mina went head to head versus Maria Abe from AKB in a swimsuit contest on some variety show. Unsure of the name of it but it had something to do with Guam(?), big height difference between the two.

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