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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'The Nanami Hashimoto post' #72- AKB Show screenshots

 Still haven't slept a wink since that top pic was released two days ago!!!! Nanami's second photobook is promising to be one perfect set of pics, that other one is also from the PB. That book comes out in less than two days which is also the date for her graduation.
 Haven't heard any news if she'll be attending an event for the photobook, let's hope so as it'll help sales plus Nanami must realize her many fans want to see her at least one more time. She will be hosting the 'Girls Locks!' radio show next week or at least she's scheduled on their site but don't know if she'll do Monday through Thursday as usual.

Going to miss seeing that pair together, will try to do one more 'pairs post' for the duo soon. May not do another Nanami post until Tuesday, may be wiser to let the dust settle plus all of us are unsure what other activities she'll be doing next week. Really hoping that concert on Monday will be filmed or even better streamed, perhaps there will be a DVD of the event. Most popular '48' family members have had DVD's the last few years for their graduation concert/ceremony.
 Lost count but bet this is about the seventh time Nogi has had the 'AKB Show' all to themselves. It's a 29 minute show and Nanami was featured for about twenty of the minutes. It aired yesterday but most of the things were filmed two or more weeks ago. Show started off with the group performing Nanami's only single as a center "Sayonara no Imi". It was recorded back in January and you could tell as Himeka is there and she's been on a leave since late January.

 On a regular basis Nogi captain Reika has an interview segment with another member. Naturally today it was Nanami and it was quite a long interview which took up about eight minutes. Not too much was brought up about Nanami's graduation or future plans, don't think Reika wanted to make her too uncomfortable. The pair did most of their talking about the five years they've spent together, none of it was subbed but think I was able to understand most of the conversation.

 There were two segments on the show that featured other members, one had Manatsu leading three Undergirls in an enjoyable B-side tune which I already forget the title. Also there was a bit with four members visiting a local high school, think a much longer version of it will be airing soon.
 On February 5th Nanami attended her final handshake event, least it looked like that's what it was. Heard she was supposed to do another one after that but cancelled out, once again really hope she has an event for her second PB which comes out on Monday.

 Last on the show was Nanami singing "Naimononedari" which was a tune from their 16th single. It was a solo song for Nanami and a PV for it just came out, have it so perhaps I'll do a post of the screenshots from it. Bit of a slow song but maybe that suits her best as her body can't take the strain too well of doing so many upbeat songs. Screenshots for that performance are at the bottom as there's many pics here from all of the segments. This episode is easy to get so if you get the chance to view then would recommend it as it was quite an enjoyable show.


  1. I should not have looked at that top pic while studying! It'll be hard to go back now lol.

  2. That's from her new PB, hopefully that's just the tip of the iceberg.... Makes you wonder too how can someone who is so popular and immensely alluring like Nanami is want to just become a regular office worker or whatever????


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