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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nao Kanzaki: The 'Happy Birthdays for February' post

 February has more birthdays for my faves than any other month, no way was I going to do a post for all of them so hence this post. Five Nogi members celebrate a b-day this month  or about 14+% of the group. C-ute also has three of their five members who have a b-day this month with the first one occurring two days ago as Saki had her 23rd birthday. Was going to do a solo post for her but there haven't been many new happenings though last week she was in Chichibu
 There she helped out a a new tourism campaign for their strawberry farms and she was appointed as a special ambassador. Also on January 25th her and Maimi started hosting a TV show titled "My Hometown Dream", still need to do a 'pairs post' for that super duo.

 The two other C-ute members who have a birthday are Maimi who turned 25 and Mai who is now 21. Both of them have their b-day on the same date which is the 7th. Will do a C-ute post soon as some info on their final single has come out, the release date has been pushed back to March 29th.

 It's 8:00 am in Japan but Kazumi has already posted these two blog pics, her 23rd b-day is on the 8th. She's been a bit quiet as of late, let's hope that ends soon as she finished second on my 'Nogi Top Ten List' and would like to see her stay high on the list.

 Haruna's 22nd birthday takes place this Thursday but there's been many new happenings for her lately so plan on doing a post then for her.

 Also with a b-day on the 10th is Yui Ichikawa who has been a long time fave and for years she was close to being my #1. Two years ago she got married and had a baby so stopped posting about her then, there really hasn't been many things to post about since then as she's appeared in zero dramas or films. However she will be in a film coming out on the 18th and as you can see by these pics it's easy to understand how she was oh so close to being my #1. She still may be my top gravure model of all time though she's also a solid actress and she'll be hitting the age of 31.

 Kasumi certainly needs no introduction here and she'll be turning 24 on the 13th. She's another fave who has been quiet but do expect to hear a lot from her soon as she has two movies coming out in March and April plus she'll be the lead actress in the next NHK asadora drama.

 Ikumi is my second current fave gravure model and is knocking on the door to take over the top spot. She'll be turning 21 on the 18th but has always looked a bit older than that to me, on that date she's also releasing a brand new DVD and sure that's one not to be missed.

 Marika just missed making that top ten fave member list, she has a good chance to make it this year. Would love to do more posts about her but there's sadly not enough solo things that she does. She'll be turning 21 on the 20th which is also....

 .... the date for my all time Nogi member who of course is Nanami. Just a little over twelve days to go until her graduation concert which also takes place on the 20th, on that day her second photobook is going to be released. Positive there will a post for Nanami's b-day and would imagine many more for the concert and other happenings. She's been kind of quiet lately and wonder if she's doing that on purpose so we won't miss her as much? The top pics are new and think they're promo ones for the upcoming PB.

 Last for this month's birthdays is Han Hyo-Joo who is also the only Korean woman on this post. There are a few others celebrating b-days this month so perhaps a second post could happen. She's the oldest one in this post as Hyo-Joo will be turning thirty on the 22nd.

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