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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yurina Yanagi: 2017 magazine scans #1 and photobook promo event pics/video

 Don't post about too many gravure Idols or at least compared to the huge amount of them that are out there. Yurina is oh so close to being #1 in that category, hard to top her overall looks and she finished in the thirteenth position on last year's top twenty list. Know it's hard to to keep your eyes away from some of her features but she really is one cute gal and is also a smart, interesting woman too. Yurina will be turning 23 this April, she got a late start as a model as I think she was attending college.
 She's also making the transition to an actress quite nicely, no huge roles yet but she's scheduled to be in four films this year. Yurina just released her first photobook last week, title of it is 'Himitsu" and here's some promo pics from it.

 The PB did okay in it's first week out as it made the top ten on the Oricon charts selling over 2,000 copies. That's not a bad number as these days the charts seem to be dominated by J-Pop Idols, Nogi had four members in the top ten.
 On February 17th Yurina held a fan signing session for the photobook. You'll see in the pics that her hair is much shorter, she said she cut off 40 cm of it in December for a film role. Plenty of pics here from the event and the pics from the PB were shot in Australia last September, check out a short video at the bottom of the post for the event.

 On to the 2017 mag spreads and sadly this first set only has three pics. That bottom one is one deserving of being in the hall of fame, these are from the January 10th issue of Flash.

 Every pic in these spreads are certainly breathtaking, just wish the sets were bigger as this is another too small set of pics from WPB #3-4.

 Last two spreads have some promo pics for the new PB, these are from the January 27th issue of Friday. Bottom pic says it's Yurina's second PB, didn't know she already had one unless her Bomb-TV collection counts as one.

 Final set is another one from Friday and is from their March 3rd edition, after them is the video for last week's photobook fan signing session.

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