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Friday, February 24, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #76- Nogi Under Construction show #94

 This is post #298 for Nanami as she should be the first individual to hit the 300 hundred post mark, she has the lead now in posts but with her retirement that may only last a few months. Don't bet the mortgage on it bit will try not to have any Nogi posts until at least next Monday, not an easy thing for me to do.
 There's been so much going on with the group they've made it easier to do all of these posts, plus there hasn't been too much going on with a few of my other faves. That post #300 for Nanami will probably be her last post for new things but will still try to keep the spirit of her alive here as I'll attempt to do a few posts for her every month.

 Too choked up right now to answer her, as I've mentioned we won't notice her retirement for a few more weeks, thinking when single #17 is released and she's not around for it is when we'll really be missing her. This 'Nogi Under Construction' show aired last Sunday and was Nanami's final appearance on the show. She hasn't been on the show too often the last few months or at least the time she did an interview about her graduation.
 Read that Nanami wasn't too happy with the way she appeared and that some of her answers weren't edited out. Actually a bit hard to side with her on that issue as if she wanted to keep things private she shouldn't have mentioned them during the interview. Then again it was nice to see an Idol be honest and tell them about their real lives, think most fans enjoyed seeing that side of Nanami. That happened three months ago so like the saying goes it's water under the bridge or no harm, no foul.

 These shows last about 25 minutes, Nanmai didn't make an appearance until the ten minute mark. Before she showed up it was kind of a boring show as three members were looking at older pics of themselves and deciding which were the best and worst of the lot. After a few minutes hit the FF button to when Nanami showed up.
 Her wish for her final show was to lead a Board Game Club. Seems a year or so ago there was an episode where the members played some games but Nanami wasn't one of the chosen members and from what she mentioned she's an avid player of games. Her choice was a game I never heard of, it's a Russian game called 'Nanja Monja'. The rules are very simple, it's a game of cards but it wasn't said how many cards are in a deck.
 There are two cards that are duplicates, when a person pulls over a card that hadn't been pulled over yet they get to name that card. When the second card is revealed everyone has to say what the name of the card is, person with the correct answer gets to keep the card. The game goes on until there's no more cards left and the winner is the person with the most cards.
 That above screenshot are the seven who participated in the game, one of the hosts who was Shitara ended up being the winner. Nanami didn't do too well in the game but better than Nanase who I think finished last. Yuuri did well, still would like to do more posts on her as she's really looking fabulous lately. especially on this show in her uniform.

 That segment brought us very close to the end of the show. Bottom screenshots are from the last two minutes when Nanami addressed the audience, mainly saying what you thought she would say such as 'I'm going to miss you... thanks for 5 1/2 years, etc.' During her mini speech they showed some flashbacks from previous shows, thought at the time that would have made for a very entertaining show, one where we get to see 25 minutes of Nanami highlights from over the years. Not much more to add about the show, viewing the screenshots you can see everything that happened and it's time to open my fifth box of tissues today.......😢

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