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Friday, February 3, 2017

Cabasuka Gakuen drama: episode ten(final) recap with screenshots

 Think it's going to take longer listing all of the cast members than it will be doing the recap. Have left a few characters out due to space but for the most part these are the major ones. The series started on October 29th and aired on NTV, the episodes ran every Saturday night at 12:55 am.

 Jurina Matsui as Center/Kurage.... means jellyfish in Japanese
Sakura Miyawaki as Sakura/Same.... means shark 
Yui Yokoyama as Otabe/Maguro.... means tuna
Haruka Kodama as Katsuzetsu/Tai.... sea bream
Yuria Kizaki as Magic/Saba.... mackerel
Nana Okada as Zombie/Karei
Ryoka Oshima as Kusogaki/Ankou
Juri Takahashi as Uonome/Iwashi
Mion Mukaichi as Jisedai/Isugi
Sayaka Yamamoto as Antonio
Haruka Komiyama as Isoginchaku
Rika Nakai as Nodoguro
Mio Tomonaga as Tatsunootoshigo
Yui Kojina as Kisu
Anna Iriyama as Yoga/Iruka

Special guest star

Mai Shiraishi as ????

 The quickest of synopses: Majijo high school is facing bankruptcy so the students along with some graduates have opened a hostess bar named 'Aquarium' to try to save the school. There's a rival club called 'Ike Ike Tattoo' who were also their rivals in high school though there's been very little seen from that group though we see more of them in this episode. Really no fighting either as the gals have to transform from Yankis into respectable young ladies.

 The deadline for raising 20 million yen to save Majijo high school is down to one week. The hostess club has been getting busier but reaching that goal could go either way. Last episode Kurage had a meeting with Antonio who is the head of the Ike Ike Tattoo hostess club. She was able to persuade her to help out the Aquarium club which is what happened this show.
 The gals between the two clubs have been bitter rivals for many years, but if the Majijo school can't be saved then there will be no more rivalry. Least that's the reasoning Kurage gave Antonio and it worked as the hostesses are helping out at the Aquarium club and even persuaded all of their customers to help them out.
 It was just for one night but it was a rousing success, it looks like the hostesses may be able to save their school. But there are a few other questions to be answered such as who was the murderer of the hostess from a year ago, Saionji had been the main suspect but he's been cleared for now.

 Yes, just one day to go for the hostess club as they should meet their goal with one more night of business. One complaint about this episode was that things moved too quickly, scenes which usually would last for a few minutes took about forty seconds. That final night did well enough in business as the Yankis turned hostesses have reached their goal of twenty million yen to save the school, one thing left is to find out who the murderer of Kaori was.
 Her murder happened because she had stolen a list of prostitute customers from the Dark Organization. Same happened to find the list one night behind the school banner hanging in the club. Later on when she tried to reveal her find to Saionji the list had disappeared, we'll learn about what happened to it later.

 When Saionji agreed to be the manager of the Aquarium club he did it with one condition- if the club reached it's goal then Same would have to sleep with him! She agreed to the deal as she would do anything to save the Majijo school but now it's time for her to fulfill the pact.
 Saionji brings Same back to his place and she's getting all ready for the 'special night'. Same was waiting for him in bed for quite a long time, when she went out to his living room she discovered he had gone. Seems Saionji was a more respectable man than we thought as he said he couldn't go through with their pact, perhaps in five years but tonight wasn't the night. All that he had had written on a note to Same but there's still a bit more to go in this episode.

 Don't know how she did it but Kurage was able to discover who the murderer of Kaori was. It was her SKE mate Nao Furuhata who we met briefly along with a few other SKE members two episodes ago. Nao had worked as a hostess at the unnamed club a year ago and was extremely jealous of Kaori who was the most popular hostess at the club. Not much of a reason to murder but jealousy works in strange ways, Nao then tells Kurage she'll turn herself into the police and departs.
 Meanwhile we've learned that Saionji was the one who had taken the client list hidden behind the Majijo banner. He's put all of the names into an envelope and mailed them to Salt. It appears that event and the discovery of Kaori's killer brings us to the end but not quite....

.... as it's now three months later. Most of the hostesses have returned as students to the Majijo high school. One day a mysterious female walks in front of the school and stops. It's Mai Shiraishi from Nogi and she wants to know who is at the top of the school.
 As far as we know no one is as Salt and Sakura aren't at the school any more. That question infuriates the students and they rush over to pummel Mai. She has a different idea though as he's the one who does the pummeling. Don't think this is a set up for the next season but the final few seconds could be. Sakura/Same hasn't returned to school as she's stayed on at the Aquarium club as a hostess but don't know if she was joined by anyone else.

 That brings us to the end of the episode and entire series. An okay ending but thought it could have been done better, seems everything got wrapped up too nicely and quickly. What I really enjoyed about the drama was the change of scenery, you can only watch so many seasons of high school girls fighting before it gets a bit old.
 Sure there will another season but that wouldn't take place until later on this year. Hopefully it won't take place at the school again but don't what else they could do if the gals work at a hostess club again. Overall found this season enjoyable, much better than the last one and would give it a grade of 8.5/10. Would recommend this series but if you haven't viewed any other season would suggest doing that first, think seasons four and five should be enough.
 Sounds like a lot of watching but episodes are only 23 minutes long. You can see in the top left of the screenshots who the subbers were and they did an excellent job with them. Not sure what the next Japanese drama will be, getting harder these days to find ones that are subbed except for the real popular ones but do have two that I plan on viewing once the subs get done. Both are shorter series and will also be starting back on the recaps for "Signal" next week.

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