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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #71- one new mag spread and more from 2013

 Just a little over ten days to go until the graduation and according to Nanami that may be the last we hear of her. Kind of hard to believe someone as popular as she is will be here one day and gone forever the next day. Realize her health problems are preventing her from continuing but still think there's so many other jobs in the entertainment industry she could do that aren't strenuous. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, maybe after a month or so the itch to return in some capacity such as an actress or host will be too much for her.
 The week of February 20th will be the last time Nanami will host the 'Girls Locks!' radio show, was just at their site and she's still scheduled. That's also the date of her graduation concert so perhaps that means she'll still be with us for a few days after the 20th. On that date her second photobook will be released, no word if there will be an event on that date but would think there would be.
 Been noticing Nanami has been very quiet lately, on Monday she was at her last hand shaking event. To me the reason for her staying in the shadows is that it may make her graduation easier, perhaps she's thinking she won't be missed as much? Nanami would be wrong with that thought but it does make sense though, she could also be extremely tired of answering so many graduation questions.

 Still no title for the PB, checked a few ordering sites and they just announce the book will be coming out on the 20th. At the top is the cover plus one pic from the PB, her first one was fine but thought it was so much tamer than her mag spreads. Speaking of them was hunting around and found these real old pics, Nanami and the other members have certainly changed in five years. These two pics are from the March 2012 issue of Bomb.

 One new mag spread which is from the March edition of UTB+. The spread is actually a 'greatest hits' collection of her pics since 2013 though she's had many more than these.

 Have done two posts for Nanami's 2013 happenings and this will be the final one. For the most part everything about the group since 2014 has been covered here and just been trying to fill in some of the older happenings. Not much left for her as those two other posts had over a hundred pics plus there were many more in their 'singles series' posts. Few blog pics from that year and she's been ultra quiet in 2017 as there's been one post since January first.

 Not many blog pics as I had already posted most of them for 2013. Been doing group cards in sets of four months so here are many of Nanami from September to December.


  1. Same here, still hard to believe she'll be retiring from everything. But like I mentioned let's wait and see on that, after being in the limelight for five years she may end up missing the entertainment industry.