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Friday, February 3, 2017

Cabasuka Gakuen drama: episode nine recap with screenshots

 Think it's going to take longer listing all of the cast members than it will be doing the recap. Have left a few characters out due to space but for the most part these are the major ones. The series started on October 29th and aired on NTV, the episodes ran every Saturday night at 12:55 am.

 Jurina Matsui as Center/Kurage.... means jellyfish in Japanese
Sakura Miyawaki as Sakura/Same.... means shark 
Yui Yokoyama as Otabe/Maguro.... means tuna
Haruka Kodama as Katsuzetsu/Tai.... sea bream
Yuria Kizaki as Magic/Saba.... mackerel
Nana Okada as Zombie/Karei
Ryoka Oshima as Kusogaki/Ankou
Juri Takahashi as Uonome/Iwashi
Mion Mukaichi as Jisedai/Isugi
Sayaka Yamamoto as Antonio
Haruka Komiyama as Isoginchaku
Rika Nakai as Nodoguro
Mio Tomonaga as Tatsunootoshigo
Yui Kojina as Kisu
Anna Iriyama as Yoga/Iruka

Special guest star

Haruka Shinazaki as Salt/Plankton

 The quickest of synopses: Majijo high school is facing bankruptcy so the students along with some graduates have opened a hostess bar named 'Aquarium' to try to save the school. There's a rival club called 'Ike Ike Tattoo' who were also their rivals in high school though there's been very little seen from that group. Really no fighting either as the gals have to transform from Yankis into respectable young ladies.

 Our sneak peak guest we saw at the end of the last episode did make an appearance and that's Haruka Shimazaki who once again plays the role of Salt. Same had been cornered by the detective Sasajima, he's the man who has been holding Saionji for suspicion of murder. He thinks Same has the organizations list of prostitute customers which wasn't the case.
 He pulled a gun on her and appeared it wasn't just a threat and he was going to shoot her. Out of nowhere popped Salt who in a matter of seconds was able to subdue the detective and unload his gun. Salt and Same then left the scene but unknown to them Sasajima's partner had seen it all. Don't know his name as it was never revealed but he loaded the gun and shot Sasajima, he made it look like a suicide. Because of that incident Saionji was finally released and things are back to normal at the Aquarium club.
 Salt is now going to be a hostess at the club but she chooses her own working name. All of the other hostesses have fish names but she's going to go by the name of Plankton, we find out why later. Salt has a very salty image as she doesn't like anything the customers do and has a very cold attitude towards them. But she does it in a way that the customers can't get enough of her and they all want to be with her. It's short lived though as Salt just works the one day and disappears.

 Salt makes a reappearance later on and that was to save Saionji who was about to be shot by the Sasajima's ex-partner. He wanted the client prostitution list but Saionji said he didn't have it. Salt had been tailing him and was able to come to his rescue. Also with her was a member of the police force, Salt's new career was that of a detective! Not even two years out of the dregs of Majijo high school and she's already a detective?
 Not a lot goes on in most episodes which is understandable as less credits a show is only about 21 minutes long. This show had the least amount that happened, besides the Salt scenes very little took place. One other event which takes form in episode ten is a meeting between Kurage and Antonio who is the head of the rival Ike Ike Tattoo hostess club.
 Both feel that Sasajima's suicide was really a murder, Kurage talks Antonio into joining forces as the murderer may be targeting one of their clubs next. That does happen but as mentioned it doesn't happen until the next episode.

 That was the shortest recap ever for an episode and still had to stretch it out a bit. No new special guest is going to be appearing in the final show that I know of but a lot of questions get cleared up, perhaps that's why so few things happened in this show. Check out the next post for that recap which also is the final show for this series.

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