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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nogizaka46: Mai Shiraishi "Passport" photobook scans part two

 Sigh, have there been any adjectives created that can describe a pic like that or so many of them from this photobook???? The answer is NO..... Whewwwwwwwwww......................

 If I ever found a lamp with a genie inside don't think I would need three wishes, one would be plenty and you all know what that wish would be!!!! Bet if there was a poll taken 4-5 years ago on who would be the biggest Idol in 2017 Mai's name would not have made the top 50, perhaps even top one hundred. Yet here we are on 2017 and she's easily the hottest Idol around in more ways than one.
 Hope this mega fame hasn't put ideas in her head such as the word graduation. We all know it's going to happen and it wouldn't shock me if it takes place within a year. Mai will be turning 25 in August so she is getting to that age where most Idols leave their group and continue on as an actress or some other job in showbiz. Can't imagine her having a singing career so would think her next logical step would be as a more serious actress or even a talk show host.
 On to the remainder of the pics and as mentioned above there's really no adjectives in the world to describe these pics of perfection, hope you enjoy them and 100% certain that all will. The one complaint is that there was no 'making of' video of the photo shoot.


  1. At times like this I'm glad I identify as a vibrator because Mai can definitely wear my batteries out!

  2. Better use those long lasting batteries, you'd want that night to last forever! Have seem Mai pics when she was 17-19, she looked fine but not even close to what she does today and really didn't stand out compared to other gals. Makes me wonder if a lot of guys in her high school didn't give her the once over twice, bet most didn't and they must be kicking themselves right now!