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Friday, February 3, 2017

Cabasuka Gakuen drama: episode seven recap with screenshots

 Think it's going to take longer listing all of the cast members than it will be doing the recap. Have left a few characters out due to space but for the most part these are the major ones. The series started on October 29th and aired on NTV, the episodes ran every Saturday night at 12:55 am.

 Jurina Matsui as Center/Kurage.... means jellyfish in Japanese
Sakura Miyawaki as Sakura/Same.... means shark 
Yui Yokoyama as Otabe/Maguro.... means tuna
Haruka Kodama as Katsuzetsu/Tai.... sea bream
Yuria Kizaki as Magic/Saba.... mackerel
Nana Okada as Zombie/Karei
Ryoka Oshima as Kusogaki/Ankou
Juri Takahashi as Uonome/Iwashi
Mion Mukaichi as Jisedai/Isugi
Sayaka Yamamoto as Antonio
Haruka Komiyama as Isoginchaku
Rika Nakai as Nodoguro
Mio Tomonaga as Tatsunootoshigo
Yui Kojina as Kisu

Special guest star

Hana Matsuoka as Wakasagi

 Been a while since the last recap so hope I don't forget too much of what happened up until now, if you have to you can always read the recaps for the first six episodes. Majijo high school is facing bankruptcy so the students along with some graduates have opened a hostess bar named 'Aquarium' to try to save the school. There's a rival club called 'Ike Ike Tattoo' who were also their rivals in high school though there's been very little seen from that group. Really no fighting either as the gals have to transform from Yankis into respectable young ladies.

 The Aquarium club is doing well but the time to come up with the money to save the Majijo school is dwindling, just one month to raise at least 20 million yen. Every show has a guest appearance from a '48' member and this show it was Hana Matsuoka. Don't know much about her but she's a member of HKT and that's her in the above pic as Wakasagi, really looks like Kanna Hashimoto.
 Wakasagi has given a sob story to be hired as a hostess at the club, at first she said her age was twenty but finally admitted it was just eighteen. However that was a lie as Wakasagi is just seventeen, just like in real life, which means she's working at the club illegally. The Ike Ike Tattoo club knew of this but didn't notify the police of her age, they hoped things would work out in their favor regardless.
 And they did as the police raided the Aquarium club as they knew Wakasagi was just seventeen. They knew that as they planted her there to shut down the club and arrest it's manager Saionji. He's a suspect in a hostess murder from a year ago but the police still have no evidence to charge him.

 That bottom pic is Wakasagi receiving money from the police for her help in closing down the club but in reality she used them to get the money. The Aquarium is now closed for an indefinite period of time, the police say to could take up to six months to clear up this matter which was a lie. That's where the episode ended with the club being closed but there was one more event before that.
 Iwahi had her birthday coming up but it appeared no customers were going to be there for the event. Iwashi is very uncomfortable about calling people up to invite them to the club plus she's a hostess who is somewhat fair and doesn't like to take advantage of the customers. Same is the opposite as she's really gung-ho about earning money for the club to save their school. The pair have some words about Same's greed and Iwashi's lack of it but things work out well in the end.
 The other gals in the club have made calls to the customers to invite them to Iwashi's birthday bash and the place was packed because of it, the club set a record for business that night. Shortly after the party ends is when they raid the club for having an underage hostess, they arrested Saionji as he was the manager but in fact it's to try to get him to confess to the murder of the hostess from a year ago.

 During that birthday scene we heard "Namida Surprise", lot of AKB songs get played during a show. Especially "High Tension" which was their hit single at the time this drama was airing. That's it for the recap, wish all dramas were this easy to do but only so much can happen in a show that lasts 23 minutes plus some of that time is for the credits.
 Have mentioned it before but recaps don't do this show enough justice, it's one that's better to watch than to read about. Jurina looks so amazing in this series which is why I take so many screenshots of her, she's actually a very good actress as I recommend her "Death Cash" series very highly. Juri as Iwashi also looks fabulous, she may have the most likable character.
 Once the recaps are finished will do a few solo posts for them with all of their screenshots, perhaps a few other members too. This is the first of four straight posts which wrap up the recaps for this series, have watched the eighth show as of this writing but not the final two yet.

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