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Friday, April 7, 2017

C-ute: Many more recent happenings....

 That's a fairly fun video above which is a short promo clip for Saki's birthday event DVD. That       b-day took place on February 5th, two days later Mai and Maimi had their birthdays. Every year that trio has DVD's for their b-days and there will be two of them coming out shortly. Don't know if this is a new pic but had never seen it before and it's a really terrific one.

 Currently am having a mini C-ute marathon, working my way backwards with their songs. Right now "Final Squall" is playing, their newer songs are much more mature than their older tunes. The newer ones aren't as high energy though the current song playing is, every C-ute song rates an A in my grade book but may prefer their 2011-14 songs which is no knock on the newer ones. Actually every group whether it's a J-Pop one or an American band or whatever genre has a peak period, nothing wrong with that as long as the quality doesn't fall off which C-ute's hasn't.

 Now playing loudly in the background is the previous single "Mugen Climax", really a piano driven song. On that single "Ai wa Maru de Seidenki" was my fave song. Last post mentioned C-ute's final album will be coming out on May 3rd, it's title is "Complete Single Collection" and as you can guess all of the group's 31 singles will be on it.
 But more than that as also all of the B-sides, album cuts and some rare songs will be on it. The deluxe edition is very impressive as it contains 93 songs on six discs! That edition also has a DVD of the group performing a concert at the Cotton Club. Few covers have come out and here they are along with a few new pics from their Up Front agency site.

 Airi's final photobook as a C-ute member came out last Friday, it ranked fourth on the Oricon charts selling 2.534 copies. That's not too bad of a figure as many of the other books were on sale for seven days while the sales for this book were just for three days. Hoping she'll have an event in the next few days for it as that would definitely help sales. Even if there isn't an event will try to have another Airi solo post next week as her 23rd b-day is on Wednesday, she also has a new CM out for Chiba Bank.

 Used to hold on to Hello Project cards until there were enough for a huge post but there's been so many posts lately don't need to. C-ute is on a mini tour right now, can't believe it's less than ten weeks until their final concert and their current tour is called 'Celebration'.

 The only problem with playing C-ute while I'm doing a post is that my mind wanders too often and it takes twice as long to write. Currently playing is "Jinsei wa Step!", that song is already a year old. The gals seem to like it though when I have a marathon of their super duper fantastic songs!

 C-ute's final single "To Tomorrow" finished #2 on the charts in it's first week out meaning they've sadly never topped the charts. However the song was the number two seller with 66,470 copies sold, it's their fifth single to reach the number two position. This week it's been in and out of the top thirty, they need about 10,000 in sales to have their best selling single. Currently C-ute's best seller is "Arigatou ~ Mugen no Yell~", that's been the group's best tune from the last two years and it came out in October 2015.
 Have done two posts for the current single where there was a video of two of the songs. There's a third tune on the single which is "The Curtain Rises" and have that PV for you to enjoy after these pics, it's subbed in English. There's a video on YT of the group performing "Final Squall" on last night's Buzz Rhythm show, will post it in a few days but want to make sure it stays up.

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