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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Miyuki Watanabe: Just because we(I) miss her....

 Usually don't miss an Idol too much when they graduate from their J-Pop group. Normally my huge faves stay active as actresses or sometimes move on to a solo singing career. That hasn't been the case with Miyuki as she's someone I can honestly say I've missed since she graduated last Summer from NMB. Since then she's taken a long hiatus from the entertainment world but that may be changing.
 Miyuki was supposed to be the host of a live streamed show called "Fresh" two nights ago but that was cancelled just a few minutes before it as going to start. Miyuki did do a blog entry shortly after that where she apologized for the sudden cancellation which wasn't her decision. There may be another edition of the show that will be starting on May 2nd, will keep my eyes open for any info.

 But the silver lining is that it appears Miyuki will be returning to the entertainment industry though I'm not sure doing what. Lately she's been doing many more blog/Twitter posts so looks like she's getting serious about coming back, those above pics are recent ones.
 Have been mentioning lately about having an all time top 20 or 25 'Fave Idols List', the more I talk about things the more likely it'll get done. Miyuki has a top five spot with her name on it, actually the question is could she take the top position? As of now wouldn't say so but #2 seems likely but if she does become active then perhaps she could be my #1 Idol of all time or at least from the last decade.
 To me Miyuki is the perfect example of an Idol by the way she talks, acts, looks and just her whole demeanor, if there was an 'Idol 101' class then she would be the best instructor I could think of. Hmmm, just popped in my head but bet there are such classes, especially if you're a H!P member.

 There's really nothing else new to talk about but as mentioned in the beginning have been missing Miyuki since her graduation, luckily have a couple of fine DVD's of her that get watched at least once a week. To make her comeback complete Miyuki needs to start appearing in some mags, have said since her first post that no Idol has better mag spreads then she does and I mean no one!
 No new pics except for those ones from her blog and Twitter above but will try to be back very soon with more news of her, hopefully that show next Tuesday will air without a hitch. So to end off here's some ultra fine examples of why Miyuki could or may be my top Idol, breathtaking is not a strong enough word for her. If you ever have time suggest searching YT for Miyuki videos as she has so many terrific ones there, if you're still breathing after viewing these pics have a superb video for everyone to enjoy.

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