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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Erina Mano: Happy 26th birthday!!!!

 Hate to admit it but I almost forgot whose b-day it was today, need to start looking at that list on the right hand side more often. One reason though for the oh-so-close-brain-lapse is that Erina has been kind of quiet these last two months. Maybe not idle but doing activities we haven't seen yet so have an inkling that soon we'll be hearing much more of her. Maybe one day there will a 'Nao Hall of Fame' for pics, there's no doubt this would make it as it should be in everyone's top ten.

 Erina finished eighth last year on my 'Top Twenty Faves' list, that's an impressive position as the competition seems to get tougher every year. Another project which I should work on is a list for my all time Idols, that would be one major undertaking. Don't think naming the top twenty would be too hard but what position they would be in would be the difficult part. Erina easily would make that list and quite possibly the top five as she's one of the first Idols who I became a fan of.
 Doesn't seem possible that Erina is now 26, but I can say that about most of my huge faves as very few of them are younger than 25 as we're all getting up there in age. At least in the case of Erina and others at least they're aging gracefully.

 Don't know if you've read the recaps for Erina's "Hanbun Esper" drama but that was one enjoyable show. It was from 2011 and it was a Hello Project show that also featured members from their other groups, H!P dramas are always a recommended watch.
 Erina had the lead role in that show and also has the starring role in her new drama "Kono no Yi Tayasui Shigoto wa Nai" which translates over to There's no easy job in this World. It started on April 6th and is airing Thursdays on NHK-BS, haven't found episode one yet as shows on that channel are more difficult to come by. On March 30th Erina was attended a press conference for the show and here are a few pics from it.

 Erina is also doing some promo work for ProStyle, some pics from their site.

 Erina has a Line blog and of all the actresses/Idols who have a blog she by far does the best job of keeping it updated. There's usually at least 2-3 entries every day with news and many pics, these are a few from the last week with that top one being posted today.

 That's it for the recent happenings but will try to keep her fans updated on anything new, hopefully haven't missed anything from the last two months. Mentioned above how I'd like to do the impossible and have a 'Nao Hall of Fame' for my ultimate pics, think Erina would be well represented so here's some breathtaking pics from over the years. Plus if your heart survives looking at these jaw-dropping pics there's a video after them from the photo shoot for her "Escalation" photobook.

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