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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nogizaka46: Happy 21st birthday to.... Himeka Nakamoto!

 The answer is NO!!!! Er, 😰 that is if the question is 'has this changed to a birthday blog?'. To be honest there's been very few new things to post about as of late, if you've noticed most posts have been for somewhat older happenings.

 Gulp, she just may have a point. However even Nogi in general has been a bit quiet these last few weeks which is a rarity, seems most posts with new things have been for C-ute. Promise this will be the last b-day post for at least two weeks....

 At least most birthday posts seem to be interesting ones, gives me a chance to catch up on some current events for them or to have a post for someone who hasn't had one for a while. Hmmm, come to think of it Himeka hasn't had a post here for such a long time, then again she has very few new things to tell you about so why am I doing this tribute?

 'Make me your #1!', now I know why I'm doing this post! Himeka has just recently returned to the group, she was on a medical absence for over two months. So what that means is there's been no new mag spreads, promo event appearances and she also wasn't on the "Influencer" single so there's nothing from her there either.
 However I've always enjoyed Himeka and she does have a few other fans here so this is more of a welcome back post than a happy birthday one. Her birthday is actually on the 13th but it's that date in Japan right now, that number certainly isn't unlucky for us! Because of that leave of absence bet Himeka will return to being an Undergirl for their next single, that'll probably be coming out in July. Would be unfair for her to replace one of the 21 Senbatsu members who were on the last single, 21 is too many for a single so wouldn't be surprised if a few get demoted but the problem is.... who?
 But that's not too important at the moment, it's just good to see Himeka back and let's hope she's completely cured of what was ailing her. The eighth season of 'NOGIBINGO!' just began two nights ago, sure we'll see plenty of her on the episodes. For season six Himeka was the assistant MC. Her first group event took place towards the end of March as she joined Sayuri on her radio show.

 Over the years Himeka has been one of the best members at keeping their blog updated. Top pic is from today where she wished herself a happy birthday(!), also there's a few recent Nogi cards.

 Always keep saying there will be more 'pairs posts' coming up, there will be but I never seem to remember doing one until I start doing a post. This pair I've mentioned a few times and think they would make an excellent addition to the series.

 Of course that's Hinako above, she has her first photobook coming out in June. Her and Misa are the two members who I've wanted most to have a PB, third on that list is/was Himeka. But because she had to take a leave due to her health problems odds are we won't see a book from her this year which is such a shame.
 Hineka is honestly one stupendous looking young woman and who wouldn't to see her in a solo PB? Sure most would and these pics are back up our wish for one. Seeing as how there's no new pics these are a 'greatest hits' collection, that top one would certainly make Nogi's Hall of Fame Pics but all are simply fabulous.... oops, just gave myself another idea for a post(NHOFP?). After these pics have a CM which has never been posted before for SUUMO which is about a year old.

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