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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Asuka Saito' post' #6

 Like to play a CD when I'm posting about an Idol or group, currently on is disc one of "Sorezore no Isu" which came out last May 25th. The group's third album is coming out on May 24th which seems a little too soon as Nogi as just released three singles since the last album came out. Guess it's wise to keep putting things out while they're so hot but haven't heard much enthusiasm for it, better be at least ten new songs on it to make it a worthwhile purchase.

 Would think before her graduation Nanami was the third most popular Nogi member after Mai and Nanase. Now that she's departed Asuka has probably taken over that third spot, she has really become ultra popular this last year. For a long time I wasn't that big of a fan but think that mainly was because she was so young. Asuka is still the youngest Senbatsu member but she will be turning nineteen in a few months.
 Think if you're an Asuka fan you're going to enjoy this post as there are so many new pics. She does have many female fans, perhaps more than any other member. Her first photobook "Shiosai" has been a huge seller as sales stand at about 89,000 and it's remained in the top ten since it's January 25th release. First off are a few group cards for April.

 Don't know the totals but to me it seems Asuka as appeared in more mags than any other member the last year. She also is the cover gal for most of those mags and she has two covers for May with the first spread being an excellent set of pics from EX-Taishu.

 Asuka may have only six solo posts but she's been getting up there quickly as the first one wasn't until last November. Seeing as how she's so in demand would imagine there will be plenty more for her coming up. Second mag she graced the cover of is the May issue of Entame.

 Asuka has been an exclusive model for the Cutie mag since February 2015, in August of that year she also was chosen to be an exclusive Sweet mag model. Asuka appears in every monthly mag though the spreads are way too small, two pics each from the April and May issues of Sweet.

 "Girls Rule" is now playing on the album, that could be my fave A-side from them as I really enjoy their upbeat songs so much more. Though her spreads for Sweet are too small Asuka did attend for the first time their 'Sweet Collection' show which took place on April 15th. Asuka also appears on the runway when Nogi is at these kinds of shows and their next one will be at the end of May. This event took place at Hikarie which is in Shibuya.
 Asuka is also the host of the 'Harry's English Class' radio show, will have some info about that in her next solo post. Have plenty of pics here from yesterday's Sweet event, she looks good though perhaps a bit too thin. Don't know if the video will stay up long but found one for the show which you can view after these pics. Would have some blog pics but Asuka is the absolute worst member keeping it updated, her last entry was in January. Nogi is not a tall Idol group with most members being shorter than 64 inches, Asuka is 154 cm which is a a little less than 61 inches.

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