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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Juice=Juice: The 'Tomoko Kanazawa post' #2!!!!

 Would like to do many more posts for Akari and know many fans out there would love to see more too. Problem is Akari is a bit young so I can't go too far back with her pics so need to wait for new ones which have been far and few between lately. It's been only four months since her 18th b-day however with a new single from Juice=Juice in two weeks there should be plenty plus it's almost time for a new photobook from her.

 However as terrific as she looks Tomoko happens to be my fave member of the group, I tend to like Idols who don't necessarily look or act like Idols. Tomoko happens to be one of that rare breed and it appears she wants us to toast to that!

 Tomoko did have some serious health problems over the Winter of 2015-16, it was so severe at the time she had thought about leaving the group. Her condition is endometriosis, it seems to be under control as a year ago she said she's taking medication. Since then she's been fine or at least I think she has as there hasn't been any news of it which is a good thing. As Nogi fans may know Nanami graduated due to her health, wonder how many other Idols over the years have had to graduate because of their health?

 Like all JJ members Tomoko doesn't look her age, she'll be turning 22 on July 2nd. She's really one attractive woman to me and also an interesting one, if she has any fans out there think you'll really enjoy this post. The first post for Tomoko only had her H!P cards from 2014, this time around there's plenty of quite a few things. But speaking of cards will start off with some from the last three years, have so many of them will probably do another post or two devoted to them.

 Have gotten into the habit of playing a CD of a group when I post about them, currently on is the only album from Juice=Juice so far which is "First Squeeze". It's a two disc set and is close to being my fave J-Pop album of this decade, rarely does a week go by without playing both discs. Right now it's disc two which is titled "Second Squeeze", most of the songs are the B-sides but they're almost as good as their hit tunes. On right now is "Choice and Chance", perhaps a top five fave song of theirs.

 Last JJ 'singles series' post was for their "Next is You" single which came out in February 2016. it was the theme song to their fine "Budokan" drama. In the show Tomoko's character was named Hana, she's not the oldest member in Juice=Juice but she played the oldest one in the drama. Hana was very serious throughout the whole show and tended to take things very personally which caused some friction among the members.
 When the show started Hana was 19 but celebrated her twentieth birthday towards the end of the series. This led her to wonder if she was getting too old to be an Idol, the other members told her there was no way she was too old. But there was no convincing Hana of that and in the final minutes of the last episode she announced her graduation. I enjoyed that drama so much, my only complaints are that is was too short at only eight episodes and that they were only 19+ minutes long. Some fine pics here from the show of Hana.

 Playing now is the ultra superb tune "Girls Be Ambitious", that would have made for an excellent single but you can only find it on their album. That song is so fun when they perform it live, it was on their "Budokan" DVD concert. In concert my eyes tend to focus on Tomoko more than any other member, she's not the best dancer in the group but then again can't say any of them are close to being as good as the members of C-ute. Here's some concert pics, that first one is... gulp.... whew!!!!

 All of the members deserve to appear in more mags, their spreads are rare it seems but when they do appear in a mag it's usually a superb set of pics. Most are group spreads but Tomoko did a solo one which came out last August for volume 12 of My Girl.

 Think this turned out to be a fairly good post, one that I hope her fans enjoyed and hopefully she's gained a few new ones. Mentioned above that Tomoko is an interesting gal, she's also a very smart one which is why she she's the host of two radio shows plus makes many guest appearances on other Hello Project shows.
 You can find the audios of them on YT, won't post any as sure you don't want to listen to them but Tomoko's appearances on H!P TV shows are very good and some are on YT. Three members of Juice=Juice have regular photobooks but Tomoko isn't one of them, she did have a mini book titled "Greeting" which came out last year, it was very mini. That's also the title of her only DVD to date which came out in 2014, don't think the promo video for it was posted so here it is.

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