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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'Rogue One/A Star Wars Story' promo event pics

 Things are a bit streaky with the posts this year. First half of this month actresses dominated the posts and now this second half it's been Idols and J-Pop groups, that's perfectly fine as that means there's been many things to post about for April. Then again there haven't been more posts than usual but I think they've been so much bigger than ever.
 Those above two jaw-dropping Mai pics are from the new issue of Friday, will have the rest of the spread in the next mag post or perhaps she deserves another solo post. Mai may just have one to celebrate her regaining the top spot in this weeks Oricon charts for best selling photobook, it's incredible how it keeps selling. Here are the current totals for sales, top three were released this year and added Nanase's 2016 PB as it's been in the top ten for seven months now. Next week there will be a new Nogi member at #1 as Misa's photobook was released two days ago, what a set of pics are in that book!!!!

Mai 'Passport'- 186,510
Asuka 'Shiosai'- 90,732
Nanami '2017'- 81,337
Nanase 'Kaze wo Kigaete'- 137,581

 Was hoping to post Nanase's new Meiji CM but it's not being released in Japan until Friday, 6:00 pm their time so it may have to wait until Saturday.
 Seems like these last few months the most popular members have dominated all of the activities from mag spreads to promo events. So it's kind of nice to see a different trio at an event, especially Kazumi who finished second on my fave members list last year. She was joined at this event by Hina and Kana who we don't hear a lot about but both are first generation members.
 This event was for the DVD release of the 'Rogue One/A Star Wars Story' film. It came out last year and have to admit I've never seen it nor will it ever happen. That doesn't mean that I'm not a sci-fi fan but do prefer the much older films in the genre. Nogi has many anime, manga and sci-fi fans and have noticed many other J-Pop groups also have many members who are also fans of those things. Searched for a video but as is the case with most Nogi events there isn't one or at least yet but do have many fine pics from the event which took place today, the DVD is being released tomorrow.
EDIT: There are two videos out for the event now but neither is too long which actually is okay as who wants to sit through a ten minute one. Have posted one of them below the pics and thanks to DJ for the link.

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  1. heres the rogue one/ nanase milk CM links