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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Misa Eto post' #11- a lot of a lot....

 Misa definitely has many fans here as yesterday's post for her blew the competition away. As terrific as that post was this one is somehow much better and bigger, know all her fans will enjoy everything for today.
 Of course most of the recent news has been about Misa's first photobook as a Nogi member, it was released on April 25th and the title for it is "Hanashi wo Kikoka". Those above two pics are from the PB. It'll easily be #1 on next week's Oricon charts, probably won't top Mai's PB in sales but I have a feeling(hoping) it may sell much better than expected and that Mai will be sweating a bit....

 Misa used to keep her blog updated with a few entries each week though she's slipped badly this year. On Tuesday she posted these pics but it was her first entry since March 30th.

 The post for yesterday and today may total close to 100 new pics but still am planning on having another one in the next few days for her. There will be some new mag spreads she'll be appearing in plus there may be some other new happenings and also will be posting her 2017 cards.

 Three mag spreads for today though only two may be new. This first one is just way too small at only three pics which are from the May 2nd edition of SPA!.

 Mai Shinuchi is another huge fave of mine from Nogi, she also deserves more solo posts. Have noticed she has teamed up with Misa many times over the years so a 'pairs post' for the duo could be in the works. These are from the new issue of Marquee which is volume 120.

 Would think this spread has been posted before but wasn't 100% sure. Once again Misa is paired up with Mai in this fabulous set of pics from the May issue of Bomb, even if it was already posted these pics are so superb it deserved an encore viewing.

 Yesterday had many pics of Misa at an event she had on the 26th for her new photobook. Have even more for you today and none are dupes from yesterday.

 There's a video for the event on YT but it's only a little over a minute long, will wait a few days to see if another one is uploaded. But do have a very long video of Misa from Tuesday night's 'Showroom' where she promoted the new PB, all of the members who have had books this year have made an appearance on the show. It was kind of long but I enjoyed viewing it and these are some screenshots from the show.

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