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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nao Kanzaki: Thanks for 5 million views!!!!

 Hmmmm, not happy with that 'if he had brains' comment but she certainly would be right with that estimate on views, aren't too many people in the world more popular than Mai.
 Have mentioned in these milestone posts before that I never had a goal in my small mind when I started this blog. Mainly just began in as I was hoping a few others out there enjoyed the dramas, films, actresses and Idols that I do. After five million views would have to say there are many out there who do enjoy many of my likes and just like to say thanks again for your continuous visits.

 That five million mark occurred a little after 5:00 pm on Tuesday, just made it home a few minutes too late to grab the screenshot of that moment. The millions are coming faster too, took over three years to hit the first seven figure mark. Since then it's been four million in a little less than three years and this past million was the quickest of all as it took exactly 182 days to get a million views, let's see if we can't top that record. That would be the next million mark would have to be hit by October 23rd, will try not to take as many days off which does affect the views.

 As you can see Marina Nagasawa had the most post views for the last month and that one was done last July! Nogi's posts are also very popular, had I gone back further their 2017 photobooks all had more than 500 views. But besides them most other posts these days seem much more popular than they were a year ago, even Hello Project groups tend to get a lot of views.
 Japan easily has the lead in visitors, guess they must have many more English speakers than I had thought or then again it could be because of the fabulous pics. Southeast Asia in general seem to enjoy coming here even though I've never done any posts about about those countries, J-Pop and dramas must be extremely popular in those regions.
 Nothing new is planned in the upcoming months except was thinking about a new Nogi 'Top Ten Fave Members' list which I'll attempt to do near the end of June. Hinako finished third last year and her first PB is coming out in June so perhaps looking at those potential superb pics will jump her up a bit higher in the rankings.
 Won't do a top twenty list until the end of the year again, want to make sure I don't become swayed by those who are busy for a few months and then fall off the map. Also I'd like to give these gals a chance to stay on the list. These three so far haven't had a post here yet for this year and all finished in the top ten. Yuko has been second two years in a row, Minami was in the third spot while Yuu was number five. All of them have been too quiet this year so let's give them a chance to remain high in the rankings. Current front runner for the top spot this year is the one in the bottom two pics.

 Will be starting on the recaps this weekend for the "Reverse" drama, doing recaps is also another thing I've been slacking on. Actually have been watching just as many dramas and films as I always have recently, mainly on DVD's though which makes it impossible to do screenshots via the TV. What I can't wait for is season three of 'Code Blue', about another eleven weeks until that begins.
 One final thought is that I've been thinking about doing some posts about these two huge faves of mine. Not really a competition as how can one them be a loser? But Maimi and Mai seem so similar in their looks, will try to do some sort of posts featuring the pair but unsure what they will be yet. If there was some sort of competition then it'd be hard for me to go against the lead gal here, any thoughts who would be your winner? Every other pic is one of the two to make the comparisions easier or I should actually say harder!


  1. Hi from Singapore! With the amount of content (and the quality of the scans!) that you push out weekly, I'm surprised there aren't dozens of comments on every post you make...

    Your site has got to be one of the top sites for Nogizaka46 content on the English-speaking internet, and I'm grateful to be able to see previews of the photobooks I want to buy before I actually order them. Do you buy everything that you scan and post?

    p.s. where are you from?

  2. Thanks for your comments, it's true there aren't too many English speaking sites for Nogi. Noticed most other blogs don't get a huge amount of comments either, wish there were more but if people keep coming back that's the biggest sign they enjoy the posts here.
    Scans are a difficult subject, some I do which are just from mags. For photobooks you have to take them apart, many do that which is where I get those from but I hate spending $15-20 to destroy a book.


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