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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lee Yeon-hee: "Ghost" drama episode one screenshots

 Very undecided at the moment how I'm going to review this drama, at twenty episodes it's too much to do a recap for every show. Would probably bore all of you, myself included, if there were that many posts for a drama so was thinking of a few ways to do it. The way I'm leaning towards is watching four or five shows then do two posts for them which would mean only 8-10 posts for the entire series. This series also goes by the name of 'Phantom".
 Did have a few other ideas but seeing that first one in writing has led me to thinking that may be the best way to do this series. So will give a brief synopsis today for the first episode along with some screenshots. Hopefully can keep on schedule as I'm planning on watching two episodes a week so every other week there should be a few posts for this drama which started out very well.
 Before I go on all of you know the main reason for me watching this show but as a bonus it does have So Ji-sub who happens to be my my fave Korean actor. Have seen him in three other dramas and two films, his 2004 drama "Sorry, I Love You" is without a doubt my favorite drama of all time from any country, if you haven't seen it can't recommend a show or film more than that one.

 In this series he plays the character of Kim, will use their last names to make it easier. Kim is the leader of his station's Cyber Investigation team, his trusty sidekick is the reason I'm watching this show. That sidekick is Yoo who is played by Yeon-hee, quite a different role than the one she had in the "Miss Korea" drama. The team's function is to investigate cyber/hacking attacks and though they appear efficient there are too many cases they can't solve or prosecute.
 As this show opened we see them raid a gambling site only to see the criminals thwart their efforts and destroy all of the evidence. That's not the first time it's happened to the team and their regiona; director is quite upset at their failures. The biggest failure at the moment for this team goes by the name of Hades who is a cyber hacker and even though he's done so many internet/computer crimes they have no idea who he is.

 I'm glad I don't have any clue as to what's going to happen in the remaining 19 episodes, for instance besides Hades is there going to be another subplot? That plot would be the death of a popular young actress named Shin who fell from her apartment which was on the 11th floor. At first all thought it was a suicide as Shin had been accused of taking part in a sex scandal, it was a false rumor but it was ruining her career which led everyone, including the police, to believe that she had jumped.
 The Cyber Investigative team is rather good at what they do regardless of their low success rate. They had determined that someone had hacked into Shin's computer and had sent out a suicide note to Twitter shortly before her death. It looked like the work of Hades but he's someone who was more known for hacking into the computer system of a company or other places for profit. The camera on Shin's computer had also managed to film her falling out of her window, that video showed she didn't jump but had been pushed out by an unknown man.
 To condense the ending down a bit Kim had managed to snare the culprit who was the  main suspect in the death of Shin. It happened to be an old chum from Kim's police academy days named Park who now owned a small and sleazy newspaper. Park does have a bit of an involvement with Shin's computer but denies having anything to do with her death. What is revealed when Kim is questioning Park is that he could be Hades, as a matter of fact there's a strong possibility that he is.

 Going to stop this recap for this episode at that point which was about the 53 minute mark, the show lasted 61 minutes before the credits. In those last few moments so many questions and new events sprang up, so many I'd end up the review with 50 ?'s. For instance could Shin have been pregnant? If so, who was the man and was he involved in her murder? Who exactly is Park, a friend or foe of Kim's? And would Yoo like to use her handcuffs on me?
 Dramas that have an ongoing story line are easier to review when you can look at a few episodes at a time, won't be too many lingering questions plus many of the ones you have should be answered. So for the next review on this show will start from the 53 minute mark and will be able to explain the events instead of leaving you hanging. Will also be able to give details on more of the characters, not a huge cast but for this post only mentioned three of them. Not that many viewers are left hanging here as drama reviews are the least popular posts here by far but I enjoy doing them, must be close to 400 of them now.
 Thought it was a good beginning to the series, has quite a bit of potential and let's hope things don't slow down in the middle too much which happens on dramas that run for twenty episodes. As mentioned Yeon-hee was the main/only reason for starting on this, she does look quite superb of course so far in it. But also just wanted to watch an interesting drama after too many so-so ones recently, "Missing Noir" is another Korean drama that will be watched but unsure whether to finish this first or watch them concurrently.

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