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Monday, April 18, 2016

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2016 #8....

 Grrrrrrrrrrrrr(!!), what a time for my camera to run out of film, seems someone is happy about that!!

 Big slowdown on Nogi things lately but a slowdown for them would be an incredibly busy time for most groups. Not positive but I'm thinking we haven't heard as much from them due to their K46 off shoot group who have just put out their first single. Bet management is concentrating on them more right now, have been noticing they've been in quite a few mag spreads recently plus have been appearing on many TV shows and at promo events.
 So that means not as much as usual today bit guess have set my standards a bit high as 'not as much' still means 35 pics. Sales figures haven't come out yet for last week but single #14 is getting close to the 800,000 copies sold mark, if not this week then it'll happen next week when they reach that mark.
 That single is " Harujion ga Saku Koro", have a few promo pics for it that haven't been posted here yet. Have kept forgetting to mention it but the group's second album will be coming out on May 25th, no title for it yet. Seems a bit soon for a second album as their first one came out last year and they've only released four singles since then. Perhaps they'll be a lot of new songs and would imagine K46 will also be having some tunes on it, will keep you updated once more news comes out.

 Just one new mag spread but it's one of the group's best ones in quite a while as Misa looks ultra superb in volume 7 of BLT Graph.

 Was just visiting the member's blogs and the Senbatsu members seriously need to get their act together as they've done close to zero of them in the last week. So once again we'll give the spotlight to the Undergirls who have been doing a decent job lately of updating their blog pages. Five pics each for the members with Rena leading off with Karin following her. Then we have Hina who I never considered to be attractive at all but looks okay in these pics, Chiharu is the final member.

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