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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: Will be returning very shortly #2....

 Think I was kind of lucky during this mini break....

.... er, not that kind of lucky unfortunately. The break will end up just being a total of nine days but it sure seemed longer than that as I'm 99.8% certain I'll be back to posting usual things tomorrow. What I did luck out on was that I really didn't miss too many happenings during the nine days,
 Right now it's one of those really slow periods, most dramas have ended and not too many events happened so won't have to do too many catch up posts. Naturally there will be a few new posts for Nogi, will give more details in their next post but single #14 really exceeded most people's expectations, me included, as somehow after it's first week of release has already become their highest selling single yet. It's an okay song but to sell so many copies it's first week out is just very surprising.
 One other thing coming up will be the recaps for the "Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store" drama which co-stars Rena. Did posts for the first two episodes but the series recently ended and all ten shows have been subbed so will be working on viewing the rest of the shows and recapping them.

 There being not too many new things to post about will be starting on a few 'C-ute special' posts, have done so many posts for them this year but there are so many things that have been missed from the last 3-4 years. Sure there will be a few new things also to post about the group as their 29th single comes out on April 20th and as Maimi says....

 One last thing is that being without a computer was a nice break, was able to do a few other things I don't do enough of. One of those things was watching a few older dramas, before I got a computer had to purchase dramas and have quite a huge and might I add excellent collection. In my opinion dramas from 1999-2007 just blow away the ones that have come out since then, anyone who has viewed older dramas knows what I mean.
 One truly underrated series is 'Golden Bowl" which came out in 2002, watching it for about the 10th time and have two more episodes to view in this re-watch. Never going to do a review about it nor will talk about it now but if you ever get a chance to view it then you should jump at the chance as it's one of the most enjoyable dramas ever. May be hard to get today art drama sites, matter of fact don't recall seeing it at a site so guess I'm lucky owning the box set which sadly may be the only way for you to watch it but luckily it's not an expensive purchase.

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  1. Golden Bowl is one of my most beloved doramas. I am happy to read about it here!


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