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Monday, April 4, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #21

 What's more amazing than that she's still at it after a month is that her first restroom break hasn't happened yet!!!!

 If you haven't heard the news the group's latest single "Harujion ga Saku Koro" was more successful than anyone could have imagined. First week's sales came so close to selling 750,000 copies, it's already the group's biggest selling single. Wouldn't think hitting the seven figures mark is possible but you never know, there are a couple campaigns for the single so perhaps it'll have some staying power. Mentioned it a few times already but to me it's an okay tune but out of their 14 singles may put it in tenth place as far as the tune goes, matter of fact there's quite a few B-sides which are better.
 It kind of reminds me of older AKB singles, my favorite period for them was from 2008-10. Most of my fave singles from them such as 'Oogoe Diamond", "Namida Surprise" and "Iwake Maybe" came out then. However none of them reached #1 on the charts nor did any of them come close to selling a million copies, seems like when the quality of the songs went down their popularity took off.
 Hope Nogi's future singles don't follow that pattern, these last two have been their best selling singles by far yet the group's earlier songs, least to me, were so much better. Have three new mag spreads today, thought there would have been more recently but the May issues are coming out now so there will probably be a few more new ones coming soon. First off is a group spread with five members from the May issue of BLT.

 No doubt you all know who my fave member is, no solo spread for her today but my  #2-3 members each do have a solo spread. In that number two spot and who has been for a while is Kazumi who looks more fabulous than ever in the April issue of UTB.

 Hope I'm not the only one ion the world who thinks Hinako may occupy the top spot on the list of kawaii females, she kind of melts my heart. Actually not looking too kawaii for a change here(er, actually she does), if anything a bit sultry in the May issue of Bubka.

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