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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Manami Hashimoto: An intro post #1....

 Think it's time to start adding in a few of my faves who I've never posted about, Manami has certainly been a huge fave of mine for a few years now. Was mentioning in the 'Three Million Posts' post two days ago that it's kind of getting harder to post about the gals I truly like. Some of them have gotten married and/or have had children, it's sort of an unwritten rule I have which is that when that happens in their life I'll stop posting about them.
 Plus a few others have retired, gone into semi-retirement or just take very long vacations. Because of reasons like those it's getting more difficult doing the same amount of posts with fewer faves to talk about so guess it's time to up that fave count here. And I just don't post about anyone, easily could post about many other gals but won't post about anyone just to up the post or view counts.
 Manami is that kind of person who I don't do much posting about as she's mainly a gravure model though she has appeared in many dramas and films this last decade. She also appears at many promo events for quite a few products and other various things so there's usually a variety of things to post about her. Do have quite a pic collection of her so will be slowly easing her into the mix here.

 Have to watch how I spell Manami's name, keep wanting to put an N for that first letter, have to like that last name too though comparing the two you can easily see there's no family ties. In the next few days will be posting mainly newer things such as her promo events from the last five years, though she's been around a while will just concentrate on her newer things.
 Those newer things are some huge spreads such as a Wanibooks collection from 2014 which has over 200 pics and a jaw-dropping set from DGC. Manami is a tad older than most here as she's 31 years old, her b-day is on August 8th so she'll be turning 32 then. Perhaps a bit older than most but to me she's becoming more breathtaking by the second, kind of prefer looking at a 30 year old woman these days over someone who just turned 20. For today just have some pics that may be among the hottest ones ever posted here and be prepared for many future posts but I'll try to space them out. After the pics check out a fabulous video for GQ Japan.

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