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Monday, April 18, 2016

Saki Nakajima: The 'We need more Saki solo posts' post....

 That heading is so true as we will be having many more solo posts for her....

.... wow, what is it with the attitude of so many Idols as of late!? Actually this is solo post #4 for Saki, did have one for her last photobook and two for her H!P digital book scans. Been debating on whether to post her "W Saki" PB from 2011, she was just 17 at the time but it's quite a collection pf pics. Do have that loose rule about posting about gals below 18 but think it really means new things for someone who's 17, Saki is now 22 so kind of leaning towards posting it. Didn't realize until writing this but also haven't posted her 2013 book "Nakasan", slipping in my old age.
 Won't be posting too many things to start these solo posts off as I'd like to stretch them out for a while but still bet there's close to 40 pics in this post along with a video. Also hope to be having some news about C-ute in the next few days as their 29th single is coming out on Wednesday, doesn't seem as they've been promoting it as much as their previous singles.
 Hello Project cards are so plentiful, there's so many hundreds here but there's still so many I've failed to post. These are all brand new for here which are five H!P cards for the New Year followed by some brand new ones from the last month or so.

 Saki has had four photobooks but none since her "N20" book back in February 2014, title refers to the fact she turned that age on the 5th of February. Sadly that's been her last one to date, as a matter of fact there's been a huge shortage of C-ute books since the beginning of 2015 as only one PB has come out. Hopefully that means we can expect a deluge of them soon, know all their fans and myself are praying that'll happen. Have posted the pics from "N20" but here's an encore of some of them which will tie in with the pics following them.

 Will be ending this post off, when the PB was released two years ago naturally Saki had a fan signing session for it. Have a few pics here from the event along with an A+ video of it.

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