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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Manami Hashimoto: An intro post #2....

 Just did some research on Japanese last names, Hashimoto is quite a common one as about 450,000 people share that last name. One we all know all so well here....

.... however even though they share the same name there's somewhat of a, ahem, huge difference between the two of them.

 As I mentioned yesterday have liked the bottom Hashimoto for quite a while but just have never done any posting about her until now. Call me a bit strange, won't be the first nor last time, but think I kind of prefer the top gal as you may have noticed over the last few years. Kind of hard to explain the unexplainable which kind of makes sense as Nanami has that rare air about her which very few women have ever or will ever have.
 No knock on Manami with that preference as I'd take her over 99.8% of the females out there, perhaps that % should be even higher. Do have quite a few things to post about her as I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow will be having her DGC spread from 2015 which has 90+ pics.
 Also mentioned that there's a few others that have been faves of mine but haven't posted about them here, not sure who will be introduced next but will try to make it somehow everyone. One sad thing about some of my faves is that it's not always easy finding things for them as they don't appear in many mags or attend a lot of events.

 But there's going to be zero problems doing posts for Manami as she really is a busy woman, always seems to be at some event or on a variety show. As far as variety shows go she really is on so many of them, actually too many to count. One is 'Sunday Japon', she's been on the TBS show of and on for two years now. Not promoting that show here but instead one of the CSI shows which airs on WOWOW, this event took place on February 14th.

 Think there's only two faves here that are older than Manami, who is 31, that I post about though on an infrequent basis. Those two are Kyoko and Yuki who also look even  more ravishing with age. If you think about it in another 2+ years most of the females that I've posted about since day one will be thirty or older such as Erika, Gakky, Masmami and a few others.
 Think they'll age Manami has who truly looks better every year, so much better than she did when she was 22 or so and most mags agree with me as she still appears regularly in them. Have two brand new spreads with this first dazzling set of pics from the March 29th issue of Flash.

 Other new collection is from WPB #14, think it's promoting an upcoming WPB-Net spread. After the pics check out an older video from 2006, looks fabulous but compared to these days.....

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