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Friday, April 8, 2016

Rena Matsui: "Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store" drama episode three recap and screenshots

 Start Date: January 1, 2016   Station: NTV    Director: Yuichi Fukuda

Main Cast:

Rena Matsui as Kaede Shioyama
Shotaro Mamiya as Tomoharu Nii
Keji Urai as Matsukoma
Jiro Sato as The Manager
Yusuke Suga as Kuroda
Ryo Matsuda as Takeshi Shibata
Rio Uchida as Megumi Tatsuzaki

 What the plans for future recaps are is that I'm planning on skipping them for episodes 4-6 and then doing posts for the last four shows of this ten episode drama. Then again if Rena has a big part in any of those ones I'm planning on skipping then will post about that episode. This is one of those drama without a story line connecting the episodes except for Rena's infatuation with Nii.
 An episode is just 23 minutes, close to three of them are for credits so actually a show is really only about 20 minutes long. Plus very little happens in a show, to be honest it's quite a slow paced, boring drama but somehow done in a way that makes it strangely interesting to viewers like me. Hence the first two recaps were short, this one probably will be along with the future recaps.

 First post gave a bit of a description about the series, will do another one seeing as how you may have missed it plus as mentioned will be doing at least four more recaps. The show takes place at at a 24 hour convenience store and follows the worker doing the overnight shift. Name of the store hasn't been mentioned yet, the overnight period must be very slow as there's very few customers.
 Nii is a new employee who is being trained by Matsukoma who has been there a while and has all the makings of a lifer at the store. Nii is studying Buddhism at college, he's a very straight laced kind of guy who has very few expressions and is just downright boring which most monks probably are.
 However a customer who frequents the store, Kaede(Rena), somehow has fallen for Nii and keeps coming back in hoping he'll fall for her. To date it hasn't worked, in this episode she's been sending her parents many packages via the store's delivery service. Not that Kaede has things to send to her parents but just she just wants to be around Nii anyway possible.
 Kaede wasn't in this episode for too long, think her appearances will be longer in the future as I have a feeling something is going to happen between the two. Also have a feeling that something is going to end up breaking Kaede's heart but she's a bit of an airhead so it'll end up not being a sad scene.

 Besides Kaede's appearance only a few other events took place, one of them we end up learning Nii knows German as a traveler from Germany ended up at the store one night. Also Matsuoma failed once again in landing a different job, he's been trying to obtain a new job for so long but never can land a different line of work. In the cast list above so far we haven't seen two characters yet, Takeshi and Megumi, this episode near the end we finally met the character Kuroda.
 That pretty much ends this mini recap, think this show is one that is better to view than read about. It's fairly easy to get too at a couple of sites and all the episodes are subbed. Think for the final recaps will do the last four episodes in a row which should be happening within the week, hopefully.
 Rena was in another drama which aired in March, it was just a four episode series titled "Laundry Chigasaki". Have the first two shows but waiting to see if it's going to be subbed first before I start posting about it. Too short of an appearance this show for Kaede, usually she's on it for 5-6 minutes but seems this episode it was only about half that.

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