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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2016 #9

 That above pic has the current 36 members, few have really changed their looks over the years and think that'll be an idea for some new posts as we compare how they look today compared to 2012.

 After a long hiatus there was a special showing Saturday of the "Nogizaka Eigo" show, holding out on viewing it to see if any subs are released for it and have a feeling there will be. First run just had seven episodes but from the ones I watched it was a very entertaining show that featured mostly Undergirls. The show is about a few members attempting to learn English, can be quite funny at times.This hour long special though has a few of the Senbatsu members but no clue yet if this will just be a one time reprise.
 Bit of news about the group's second album came out today, it's release date will be on May 25th but still no title has been announced. There will be a total of 16 songs, four of them will be their last four singles plus a few of those singles B-sides and hopefully they'll be different versions or live. The album will also have five new songs with two of them with Senbatsu members and one new one from the Undergirls. There's a few different versions of the album, few of them come with some videos and one will be a concert from their 2014 tour.
 Not too many other new items but one reason the group is currently occupying my top spot is that there's always something to post about them. If there's no new mag spreads then there could be a promo event or them appearing on a TV show. Or perhaps some cards or new blog pics, there's just always something the group is doing. Will try to increase the amount of 2016 cards for the group, have posted a few here and there but not nearly as many compared to last year. Have four sets today for April featuring Nanase, Erika, Mai and Nanami whose cards are an encore from Thursday's post.

 Some members rarely update their blogs, was just at their site checking it out and some have only done five or so for the year, don't think there's any good excuse for that. Five pics each for today's members starting off with Erika and some of her pics are form her recent Flash spread. Following her is Hinako who does an A+ job with her blog, few members should take lessons from her.

 It's mainly the Senbatsu members who do such a bad job with updating but these two usually make an effort to do a couple of entries each week. Looks like there was a party behind Nanami, wonder if they invited her? After her pics are five from Sayuri who also has been doing a solid job with her blog after taking such a long absence from it.

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