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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nogizaka46: "Nanami Hashimoto no Koisuru Bungaku" show episodes four and five recap with screenshots

 Kind of wondering why I watched all five episodes of this mini series, truly didn't have much of a clue on what was going on. Some dramas or movies you can get by without subs and still understand most of what happened which I've done numerous times. This series sadly didn't fall into that category, was lost from the first minute and have had to go checking at a few book sites to see what the story was about.
 This show in mainly an audio one instead of a visual show meaning what they're saying carries so much more weight than what you're viewing on the screen, think that makes sense. So not going to give much of a review on what happened in these final two shows, think most of you would prefer to view Nanami pics and she was the only reason I suffered through the five shows.
 The series featured short 23 minute shows highlighting authors who wrote about and came from Hokkaido which is why Nanami was picked to be the star as she comes form there. Four different writers were featured for this special series which aired on the UHB channel in Hokkaido on Thursday nights. Did mini reviews on the first three shows already, so here's two compact recaps for the final episodes or should I say what I learned about the show by checking out the author's book.

  Episode four was based upon the novel "Loveless" written in 2011 by Shino Sakuragi. She's an older woman who didn't start writing until she was 37 but in the thirteen years as an author she's won or been nominated for some prestigious awards. This story revolved around the character of Sayako who one day found her aunt dead on the floor of her cabin.
 Shortly after that Sayako joined a troupe after junior high but her main ambition was to become a singer. During this show Nanami visited some of the places where she had traveled to in the novel, mainly though she reads from the book which is why I said this was more of a audio show. Won't go on with the recap as you can look the book up though there isn't all that much out there on it. However will be on the hunt for this writer, surprisingly my library has a decent collection of Japanese authors and for the most part every book I've read, which as to be at least 50, has been an excellent read. Not much of a recap but least here's some stupendous screenshots of you-know-who.

 The final episode in this short series was based upon the book "Akan ni Hatetsu" aka Chunko Bunko by Junichi Watanabe. Like the above author he was also someone who didn't become a full time writer until later in his life, actually he was close to 40 when he made writing his career.
 Perhaps someone else can but I've had close to an impossible time finding anything about the book searching in English. Few places do sell it but there's no reviews or synopsis about it. Watanabe though mainly wrote about older couples having martial affairs which may have been the main story line in this episode. But in a way thought he was talking about his own life and possibly a relationship he had which started in school with a girl named Junko.
 The more I look at the screenshots the more I think that's what the story was about. However Watanabe doesn't appear to have ever been married so perhaps he was looking back on a love he lost when he was much younger. In Sapporo there is a Watanabe museum with his works, during the show Nanami visited it.
 And that's it for the 'recap', when you don't have too much of a clue what's happening there's not much you can talk about. Guess it's worth a watch if you're a Nanami fan as she looked ultra superb throughout the series, especially this last episode. Do have some pics at least from this final show and let's hope her next TV appearance is in a regular drama with her in a starring role.

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