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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

C-ute: Final(?) batch of 'Concerto' cards

 Would imagine this is the final set of their 'Concerto Tour' cards as the tour ended on June 20th. They also always have an Autumn tour but would think the name of that will be different. After this post am going to be working on finding out what was lost when my computer decided it's life wasn't worth living any more.
 Had so many things such as photobooks and older mag spreads which can be replaced, just have to figure out though what I had. What can't be recovered were the dramas I was planning on reviewing, had three going and all were decent watches but really don't want to watch them all over again. The reason I need to find out what was lost is for days like this, for so many months now Tuesday and Wednesdays have been so slow as far as new things go so those were good days to play catch up.

 Then again there was a semi sliver lining in losing those things as I was able to introduce many new faces and that's another thing I need to work on. That thing is having more posts for the newbies such as Haruka T, thanks to the viewer who made some good comments on a few of her new posts so I'll be working on having a few more for her soon. I always read every comment so if there's someone you want to see more of or have any suggestions don't hesitate with the comments.
 Whew, too often those thoughts which I plan on having four sentences for end up going on and on, guess that's one way to fill up a post but actually the words weren't needed as there's plenty of pics today. Except for Airi though as yesterday's post for her had these new cards, also there were more of her in her previous post from about ten days ago.
 C-ute still leads all H!P groups as far as cards go, wouldn't doubt if I've posted 500 or so for this year already. Plus there are more coming up too, these are from their last tour and 11th anniversary but also have some regular ones for July. Hopefully the group is slowly gaining a few fans here, their posts still don't get nearly as many views as Nogi's do but then again their posts eclipse all others too. Think by now you all know the names of the members but if you don't just ask, have about ten cards for each of them.
 Unsure whether I'm going to be continuing their 'Singles Series', problem is some members are a bit young on the older singles. Actually will be doing at least one more as 'Kiss Me" is one of my all time fave J-Pop tunes so will do a post for that. But as a bonus today have a video after the pics of their song "Adam to Eve no Dilemma" which was the B-side to "Kanshiki Amefuri", besides being such an enjoyable watch the video is also English subbed.

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