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Monday, July 25, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: 2016 happenings #4- more promo events

 Whewwww.... those breathtaking Hyo-joo pics are from the 2013 Blue Dragon Awards show, will be doing a post on that show soon as my hands stop shaking, she won the best actress award at that show. Taking a two day break from my drama viewing, want to make sure I don't get burned out as the ones I'm watching are both quite good, especially the "W" drama.
 Thanks to AFK for responding to my question about salaries for Korean actresses. Dramas are definitely grueling as two one-hour shows air every week, can see why she took a break from dramas for six years. Will do a bit more investigating on the matter, did read an article that listed salaries but that was from two years ago, for a small country actors seem to do well there though. Not positive but think they may make more than actors do in Japan, perhaps one reason for that is because Korean dramas are quite popular in many other Asian countries.
 On to a few more promo event this year of Hyo-Joo's, last post about her had some pics for the first screening in March for her "Love Lies" film which was released on April 13th. Hmmm, wonder if that was a Friday, not that it matters as on April 4th there was another screening of the film with probably many male fans passing out in the aisles as Hyo-Joo looked ....(running out of adjectives)

 And of course we have some prepossessing pics from the April 13th premiere.

 Unlike a lot of actresses Hyo-Joo doesn't promote all that many products or at least not nearly as many as her peers do. On April 6th though she was at a Face Shop event to promote their new line of Serum Royal Maid creams, as usual.... wow!!!! If you managed not to pass out(I did twice) there's a superb yet too short video of the event.


  1. Usually the main actor and main actress each make more per drama series than the total production costs of a Japanese drama (which is probably why Japanese actors and actresses also appear in more dramas and movies per year). I remember reading an article about Ando Lloyd costing $300,000 to create, but many top actors and actresses in Korea make $30,000 per episode for a drama.

    1. On topic, I'll never get tired of those top two pics of Hyo Joo.

  2. Bet Takuya's salary in Ando Lloyd was a big chunk of their budget as I would think he's the highest paid drama actor in Japan though with the ratings of his last two series that may not continue. Didn't search too much but couldn't find any recent info on what Japanese actresses earn for dramas or films though it's a bit easier to find the salaries of popular Idols. You are right with the $30,000 figure, granted it may not be a lot compared to what American actresses probably earn but for a twenty episode show that would still be at least $600,000. Will be working on this more and hopefully can have a post comparing the salaries of Japanese versus Korean actresses.