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Friday, July 29, 2016

Korean drama "Bring it on Ghost" episode four recap and screenshots

 This series also goes by the name of "Let's Fight Ghost", if you look this show up either way you'll get the same results.

 Start Date: July 11, 2016.... airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:00 pm pm tvN

Main Cast:

Taec Yeon as Park Bong-Pal
Kim So-Hyun as Kim Hyun-Ji
Kwon Yool as Joo Hye-Sung
Kim Sang-Ho as Monk Myung
Lee Do-Yeon as Oh Kyung-Ja
Kang Ki-Young as Choi Chun-Sang
David Lee as Kim In-Ranger 
Baek Seo-E as Im Seo-yeon

 Like the previous episode this was a bit of a drop off from the first two shows but still an okay view though certainly not a must watch. Two biggest gripes from me are that there's not enough ghost fighting or hunting, those fighting scenes are usually the best in a show.
 Also wish they were a bit more serious like they were in the first two episodes, kind of turned too much into a teen show. Hasn't been a bad watch at all though, still much better than most J-dramas and will watch all the shows.
 No attempts from Kim this show to kiss Park, seems as though that's the only way to regain her memory. She did complain a lot towards the end of this show about not being able to remember anything about her human life but she's not doing a thing to try to regain those memories. This episode was really just about the ongoing lives of Kim and Park as she now lives with him in his apartment. Things are a bit up and down, for the first time we did see some hurtful comments from Park as he still can't understand why she's hanging around him, shouldn't ghosts be doing other things he told her and a few other hurtful barbs towards her.

 Those barbs started after Kim had entered a room which Park had told her was off limits. Kim had found a pair of shoes she wanted but Park entered the room just before she was about to try them on, he was furious for her going into the room and the air between the pair was quite frosty for a while, There is a big secret in that room which hasn't been revealed yet, all we know about Park's family is that his mother is dead and he hasn't talked with his father for years. Not sure who the shoes had belonged to, his mother or does/did he have a sister we don't know about.
 Just one ghost fighting episode this episode which was the worst one of them all through four episodes. The ghost was haunting a sauna, rumor around the neighborhood was that the place was haunted so the place had practically zero customers. The duo from the Ghostnet club enlisted Park to help them exorcise the ghost, they would give him $3,500 of the $5,000 they would get for the job.
 One other thing I don;t really care for in this drama are the duo from the Ghostnet club, think they're there for comic relief but they're anything but humorous. This show would be a bit better without them as they do take up way too much screen time. The trio was able to get rid of the ghost in the sauna, don't mean to say trio as Park did all of the work.

 Not even Kim could really help him fighting the ghost in what was the best segment of the show. Kim has been dead for five years, she is 22 but still occupies the body of a seventeen year old which was her age when she died. Kim had never drank before so at a restaurant she ended up guzzling quite a bit of soju. For the remainder of the show she was in a drunken, foolish state and couldn't help Park in his ghost fight nor could she even walk home which brought us to the end.
 It was a quick hour even though not as much happened or least nothing all that important. We still need to learn a bit more about Professor Joo, on the outside he's someone who everyone likes. The real Joo though is one evil guy, he had killed a cat during the show which was witnessed by a student in one of his classes. Besides the ending with Kim and Park there was also a minor with Joo as he tracked down the student who watched him murder the cat, looks like another killing is about to take place. Would be nice to learn more about his evil ways and really who or what he is.

 Had a few gripes about the series but all in all it's been an enjoyable watch For being just seventeen Kim So-Hyun is a fairly good actress, she really nailed that drunk scene and may have done it better than a 40 year old could. To me it seems as though she has quite a bright future and does have a solid amount of fans at such a young age, will also check out future dramas from her.
 Not sure how the posting for this show will continue, post like this one didn't take long so perhaps will do a recap for every episode. Think there's a total of 16 of them so really leaning towards posting about half of the remaining shows For instance the last three shows will definitely be posted about, perhaps then another trio of them such as episodes 8-10. We'll see how it works out, not that I don't enjoy posting about this drama but there's at least two others I'm posting about now so all of these recaps take away from doing other kinds of posts and ones that most prefer to view.

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