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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nogizaka46: More blog pics #whatever

 After Nanami's breathtaking Bubka spread yesterday have no new ones for today, actually may not have any for a while as the members(all women) realize it's going to be impossible to top those pics!

 Better wrap this post up quick as I hate to keep certain people waiting.

Sales of "Hadashi de Summer" have leveled off a bit but that's usually the case for most singles a few days after it's release. After five days the total copies sold stands at 702,600 which is still an impressive figure but odds are they won;t set a record for first week sales. However it's already the group's third best selling single ever, expectations are really getting high for the group.
 This Friday the group's second photobook "1Jikan Okure no I Love You" is coming out, judging by a few of the promo pics that's going to be one stupendous PB. There's going to be a few handshake events but think that won't happen for about ten days as on August 6th and 7th they'll be performing three concerts in Aichi. After those shows the group still has eight more for their 2016 Summer Tour.
 Lack of new things today but as a fallback there's always blog pics. Same members are always featured in these posts as some do a solid job on updating while way too many of them may only do two entries a month. First off are some group blog pics.

 Hinako and Miona are two that keep their blogs updated, perhaps not in these pics but they do look quite similar, not twins but they could pass as sisters.

 But as far as the best member to keep their blog looking excellent the award for that would go to Miria who really does a superb job, here she's joined by fellow Undergirl Rena.

 Lastly two more Undergirls, Marika and Sayuri. Hate to call it a demotion but neither one is on the main tune for the new single after being Senatsu members for so long. This last week though with some illnesses the pair has moved up to the Senbatsu ranks to sing the new single at a concert and on a music show but that situation is just temporary.

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