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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nogizaka46: Mai Fukagawa “Zutto Soba ni Itai” photobook scans

 Really unsure what Mai's future plans are, she has mentioned about being an actress but hasn't said anything definite on her Nogi blog or anywhere else. Actually her Nogi blog is now gone so she may have to start her own or have some other media account. Wouldn't doubt though if she's taking a breather as her and the other members have been at it for almost five years with no breaks.
 Must be a bit difficult for an Idol to move into the real world, Mai is only 25 but what else does she or any other member know besides being an Idol? Like I said she's probably taking a break for a while so if she does announce any future plans will keep you updated on them. Also have a feeling we'll be seeing her at one of the group's 4th anniversary concerts which take place late in August.
 This is Mai's first and probably last photobook and it's been quite a successful one. It was released on June 9th and it's first week out sold close to 29,000 copies to rank #1 on the Oricon charts. Sold okay it's next two weeks and the total is now up to 39,000 copies sold. Don't have all of the book here, just wanted to do one post for it so left out a few of the needless ones.
 There's now been six individual photobooks from the members as Erika, Mai F, Mai S, Nanami, Nanase and Rina have had one. Wonder who will be up next or whether one of those listed will get a second PB, personally wouldn't mind seeing Himeka or Misa have a book.

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