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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kyoko Fukada: Some recent happenings....

 Still a bit of a slow period or at least it is for the gals I prefer to post about, maybe that means I need to work harder on those older posts. Then again though there's been less posts think they've all been much bigger than usual and bet this post has around 50 stupendous pics.... edit as it just occurred to me. Sure a few of you remember my computer conked out late in March, did back up some things but not all. There were a lot of of things that I was planning to post but lost those things and can't recall everything I lost, usually saved many things to post during those slow times.
 That above pic is a promo one for Kyoko's new photobook that's coming out on July 23rd, title of it is "This Is Me". Realize there's not enough Kyoko posts here but she's been one of my all time faves for about a decade, for some reason I tend to forget about her too much these days. She will be turning 34(!) this November, her looks still top those women who are ten years younger than she is and here's a few more promo pics from the PB.
 Another edit.... one thing I know I lost was her "Fugoh Keiji" drama, had watched five episodes and was planning on reviewing it but that's impossible now unless I want to start the show all over again. So will take the recommendation of AKF who suggested her "Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai" drama from earlier this year, none of Kyoko's dramas are classics but all that I've seen are quite enjoyable. Will start on it in the next few days, even though dramas are so weak these days am going through a bit of a withdrawal from not watching them.

 Don't know the exact number but this upcoming book has to be at least the tenth one for Kyoko, all of them are spectacular and they actually have gotten better over the years. Sure there will be a few mag spreads promoting the PB over the next two weeks, will be on the look out for them. Do have four of them for this year, pics aren't as superb as the above ones but all look A-OK to me. First one is a bit older as it's from the March 1st issue of 'Flash'.

 Smallish spread here from the April issue of 'InRed'.

 Most of these spreads are a bit conservative, actually the majority of Kyoko's spreads are that way unless she has a photobook coming out and this set is from the June issue of 'and Girl'.

 Final Kyoko spread is from the new issue of 'Neo', it's not exactly a goth look but always did like those older pics of her when she used to dress like that.

 No new dramas for Kyoko are scheduled but she does have a film coming out on September 10th titled "Samurai Hustle Returns". Don't think it's that serious of a movie, should be a few more events before the release date so will post the trailer for it then. Pics here are from a press conference that took place on June 16th announcing that the film is now completed, bit of a long wait then.

 Know there's at least fiver Kyoko photobooks posted here but there are more of them, let me check to see what's missing as we really need more posts for her here. It's a given that it's impossible to have too many pics of her so....


  1. God, she's so hot. She could pass off as Han Hyo Joo's older sister.

  2. Yeah I agree. she is still so hot. First time I saw her 13 years ago and now her face still remain the same, doesn't change much. She is still so cute & beautiful.