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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nogizaka46: (again, a lot of) A little of this and that for 2016 #25....

 Wow, looks like the group is about to take a trip, wonder where?

 Hmmm even a graduated member is joining them so better hurry with.... wait, once again has someone hacked into my computer!?

 Like the way Nanami thinks, now I know this post has do get done in record time!

 Bet a lot of Nogi fans are wondering how the new single 'Hadashi de Summer" did on it's first day. It kind of surprises me but at least in a good way as the sales for day one were 600,100 copies sold. That's a new group record as the previous single sold 590,600 copies in it's first day, total for week #1 for the 14th single was close to 750,000 copies sold. Most first day sales are pre-orders, the next few days and weeks will really tell the story but do admit that high total kind of shocked me. Seeing as how there's a Nogi post almost every day will keep you updated on how the sales go.
 Lot of these 'a little of this and that posts' recently, there never seems to enough of one thing to title it a different way such as new mag spreads, etc. Heard a few days ago that there will be a DVD coming out for Mai F.'s graduation concerts which took place on June 15th and 16th in her hometown of Shizuoka. Don't when the DVD will be coming out but will let everyone know when it's going to happen. Speaking of those concerts here's Mai and Nanase cards for those shows.

 More Nanase who lately really has been looking beyond super duper, this fabulous spread is from the July 28th issue of Young Jump.

 Erika is a member who we haven't seen enough of recently, guess when there's so many members they need to take turns in the spotlight. These pics are from a new interview for Tokyo Pop Line, here's the address if you want to check it out: https://tokyopopline.com/archives/65785

 Asuka is the center for the new single so must make her feel really good hearing those sales figures. She also did an interview for the new single with Real Sound, same uniform as the above pics so wonder if the group will be wearing them in their upcoming Summer concerts. If you want to read the interview here's the site address: realsound.jp/2016/07/post-8511.html

 Lot of Nogi items once again today and do have a few other things than these. Which means if you're a Nogi fan you'll be quite happy over the next few days as there's going to be plenty of posts. Last set of pics for today is a group spread from the August 3rd issue of Anan.

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