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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: "W" drama episode three recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo
Lee Jung-Suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-Gene as Yoon So-Hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-Yoon
Park Won-Song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-Sung as Oh Sung-Moo
Lee Si-Un as Park Soo-Bong

 This drama seems to be catching the attention of Korean drama viewers over in that country. First week the two shows averaged a 9.1% rating but the viewers are flocking to the show as episode four had a rating of 14.8% which is quite a big increase. Ratings are another difference between Japanese and Korean dramas. Not for every drama but bet 80% of the Japanese series suffer a ratings decrease the longer a series airs and sometimes by a huge amount. While in Korea seems that if a drama is very good then it picks up viewers and has an increase the longer a series airs.
 Episode four's recap is the next post, a huge upgrade from this show. Don't mean to give the impression that this show was bad at all because it wasn't, so far through four episodes some of them have been superb while the others are merely excellent, so far the batting average for all of the episodes has been a perfect 100%.
 At the conclusion of the second episode Yeon-Joo has found herself back in the real world, kind of wondering exactly what is the real world in this show. However she can't locate her father who is the writer of the "W" webtoon. In the beginning we learn a bit more about her father and his webtoon which he had started shortly after getting divorced. Right off the bat it was a very popular webtoon but right around the fifth book/installment strange things began happening.

 The strange thing was that the webtoon had sort of began to rewrite a lot of what Yeon-joo's father had written and drawn. It's up to at least the 35th volume now and we wonder during all of those volumes did he or some mysterious force write them? The father was thinking that the main character Kang was somehow alive in the webtoon, of course who would believe him if he told anyone.
 Not going to bring up many of the events from the first two shows so if you didn't read them then may suggest reading those recaps. But in episode two Yeon-Joo had somehow disappeared from a store she was at with Kang. he's getting perplexed at her mysterious disappearances. This episode somehow Yeon-Joo suddenly reappears at the store and passes out, wonder if time travel or switching worlds leaves you in a bad state as she slept for close to two days.
 Those two days were spent at Kang's penthouse, Yeon-Joo was still somewhat passed out but in a state of minor delirium she exposed some of her secrets to Kang. She told him basically everything about his life, things that no one else but him should know, said he was perplexed above but he's even more so now as how in the world did she learn every single thing about his life? We know it was reading the webtoon but even when Yeon-Joo awakens she can't tell him that's how she knows all about him.
 There was even another attempt on Kang's life at his penthouse, same person we learn in episode four that had tried to kill him on the roof of a hotel. Kang was able to subdue him and chased him to an elevator, somehow that wanna-be murderer disappeared like magic.

 The main event in this episode was that Yeon-Joo had stolen Kang's pistol which was hidden underneath his pillows. She had threatened him and they had some vicious words but there was no way she could kill Kang as he had taken the bullets out. Upon getting the gun back he reloaded and turned the tables on Yeon-Joo as he said he'll count to ten, if she hasn't told him how she knows everything about her life he would shoot her.
 Naturally she couldn't say anything as there's no way anyone would believe her story about two worlds. Kang reached ten and to the surprise of all of us he shot her! In an even bigger surprise the bullet passed right through Yeon-Joo and didn't even leave a scratch. Kang must know something we don't because he then told Yeon-Joo he knew the bullet would pass through her leaving her uninjured.
One fact that Yeon-Joo did mention to Kang were that his emotions played a big part in her coming and departing, she didn't go into it too much but next episode we learn a bit more about it.

 Tried to keep this a bit shorter than the first two recaps, so much happens it's difficult to do that. But also would rather not give away too many details or spoilers as if you haven't started this drama yet then you really should as so far it's the best one I've seen from Japan or Korea these last few years.
 However you may get a bit of a headache as there's so many things to keep track of plus there are still so, so many questions and mysteries that need to be cleared up. Sometimes I wonder if what I've written is real or has happened in that webtoon world. Read a brief article and the producers said the first four episodes would be confusing(they're right) but if you could make it through them then you'll be greatly rewarded.
 Check out the next post for the episode four recap, hoping it won't be longer than this one but once you think no more mysteries will be thrown at you then you would be greatly mistaken. Main reason for watching this was of course for the dazzling Hyo-Joo and she certainly hasn't disappointed me with her acting and looks in this series. One person who also looks so alluring in this show is Jeong Eu-Gene who plays Kang's assistant, her name can also be spelled Jung Yoo-Jin. Had never seen her before this show but she really looks fabulous. she's 27 but hadn't started an acting career until 2015, she may have been a model before.

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