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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: "W" drama episode two recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-joo as Oh Yeon-joo
Lee Jung-suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-gene as Yoon So-hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-yoon
Park Won-song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-sung as Oh Sung-moo
Lee Si-un as Park Soo-bong

 The post for episode one was one of my longest recaps ever, will definitely keep this one much shorter. If you didn't read that post would recommend viewing it as so much happened in that first show and don't plan on talking too much about that episode. If you thought that first episode couldn't be topped then you are correct, kind of glad the pace slowed down a bit as there were way too many things to follow plus there were and still are so many unanswered mini mysteries.
 Will mention about Yeon-joo briefly from episode one where she had saved the life of a very important CEO named Kang. It hasn't come out why but he had been left to die on a hotel roof and somehow Yeon-hee had been kidnapped and left on that same roof where she saved Kang's life. But what happened on the roof also happened in her father's webtoon  as he's a manga artist. The incident on the roof seemed to happen at the same time the webtoon was written, was Yeon-joo somehow transported to a different world?

 Her father was nowhere to be found for a while but returned in this episode, no one knows where he disappeared to. When Yeon-joo told him about her adventure on the roof and with the webtoon showing the exact same details frame by frame she asked could she have been sent to a webtoon world? Her father became a bit angry over her questions and she couldn't understand why, what was his role in her ending up on a roof and saving Kang's life? You will notice a lot of those question marks because can't give any answers as so many things are still up in the air.
 Yeon-joo is attending Myungsei University studying to be a doctor, it is a real place but in the webtoon world it's a different place called Hankuk Hospital. And that webtoon world is where Yeon-joo ends up again and this time for a longer spell than her first travel there. To be honest unsure if there really is a different world but the plot seems to indicate that so will keep referring to it as the webtoon world.
 Yeon-joo had been doing an overnight intern shift at her regular university when she went out for snacks for the other interns. Upon leaving the shop with her treats once again Yeon-joo is thrown into the different world, perhaps it's another dimension. After her arrival Yeon-joo hunts down Kang who is still in the hospital from the injuries that were inflicted upon him from the murder attempt. He also had been looking for Yeon-joo but naturally couldn't find her as she was in a different world.

 They talked for quite a while and she couldn't exactly tell Kang the truth where she's been. The pair do agree to meet up once again when he gets discharged from the hospital which may not be for two months. Yeon-joo had no idea where to go after leaving the hospital, everything in this world was different. She decided do wait it out at a bus stop hoping her time in the webtoon world would be ending soon and she would be sent back to her regular world.
 As Yeon-joo was waiting though her watch suddenly began to go haywire with the hands moving ahead at a rapid pace. Yeon-joo passed put but upon awakening found it was two months later, right at that moment she got a call from Kang and the pair went out to discuss things. But it being two months in the future meant it was now Summer so Kang brought her to a very elite clothing store to buy her some Summer outfits.
 At the store things began to go a bit crazy for Yeon-joo, she thought that perhaps slapping Kang would send her back to her world. That didn't work so instead she tried kissing him, once again failure as she stayed in this different world. Right after the kiss she saw a strange glowing vision which said 'to be continued'. Yeon-joo also saw that when she was on the roof, shortly after seeing it then she woke up in her own world. So when she saw that vision again she ran off to a dressing room, alone there she disappeared back to her own world, Kang was perplexed on what happened to her.

 Upon her arrival back in the real world Yeon-joo was still outside the shop where she had bought her snacks. In the webtoon world two months had passed but in her world only half an hour had gone by. Will try to wrap this up quickly, luckily her arrival in the real world happens towards the end.
 Yeon-joo contacts her father as she saw once again the events that happened in the webtoon world also ended up in his manga. Plus once again what the manga showed was 100% of what happened to Yeon-joo in that different world. Yeon-joo's father was quite angry with her again, he said there was no way something like that was possible. He was so angry he left his office and holed up somewhere private to write the final volume of the manga to end the nightmare which was getting out of hand.
 In the final scene Yeon-joo's father was writing that last volume, he decided to kill Kang off in an accident thinking that would end all these mysterious happenings. He drew a scene where Kang was killed in an accident as a truck smashed into his car. Right after drawing that an unseen force throws him from his chair and redraws the final scene showing that Kang was able to dodge the truck at the last second and was not killed. That's where this episode ended with Kang also wondering what was going on as it seemed for a split second he was also transported to a different world.

 Most Japanese dramas last about 45 minutes, this one ran for 62 minutes like most Korean dramas do which is why these recaps of them tend to be a bit longer. For as long as this was did leave some things out though don't think many of them were too important, the main plot in this series is Yeon-joo going back and forth between two worlds or at least we think they are two worlds.
 We also learned a few more things about some of the other characters, none of those details are essential to know yet but probably will in future episodes. Still so, so many things that are unexplained in this drama and that's what will keep us coming back. Does sound kind of unreal that there is a place like the webtoon world but if there is it'll really keep things interesting.
 This show airs Wednesdays and Thursdays so expect the recaps for them next weekend. Am finding it easier to watch a Korean drama while it's airing, think waiting until a series finishes and then having to watch 16-20 episodes doesn't work for me too well. Have many more screenshots here from this episode, perhaps some of the minor things left out you'll see in these pics. Of course most of them feature Hyo-Joo, not sure how to describe her looks but what an attractive woman.

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