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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Korean drama "Bring it on Ghost"- Episode one recap and screenshots

 This series also goes by the name of "Let's Fight Ghost", if you look this show up either way you'll get the same results.

 Start Date: July 11, 2016.... airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:00 pm pm tvn

Main Cast:

Taec Yeon as Park Bong-Pal
Kim So-Hyun as Kim Hyun-Ji
Kwon Yool as Joo Hye-Sung
Kim Sang-Ho as Monk Myung
Lee Do-Yeon as Oh Kyung-Ja
Kang Ki-Young as Choi Chun-Sang
David Lee as Kim In-Rang
Baek Seo-E as Im Seo-yeon

 Mentioned recently that I was going to really increase my drama viewing, have done that and even though drama posts aren't exactly the most popular ones here expect many more of them along with all the usual ones that most enjoy. Watching about five dramas at one time right now but alternating the shows so I don't get sick of them.
 True most of my drama views are Japanese shows but do enjoy series from Korea, my problem is that at 16-20 episodes they're too long. However alternating my drama views don't think I'll get sick of any of the shows, this one is showing some promise. What's different about this series is the kind of Korean drama it is, always watch ones that are much more darker and serious but this one here mainly features a younger cast and have never watched one that dealt with teens and college students. Honestly don't know if there are a lot of these kinds of dramas in Korea, in Japan these days seems most shows are aimed at young adults.

 The main character in this first episode was 22 year old Park Bong-Pal who is a college student. Wasn't mentioned what his major was but he's been studying up to take the Civil Servant Exam. Park is easily the smartest student in his classes but he has one major talent which no one knows about. That unique talent is the ability to see ghosts, besides just being able to see them he also can beat them up and get them to leave the place they're haunting.
 That beating up of ghosts comes with a price tag as he charges 1 million won for his efforts, until later on in this episode he had never lost a fight with a ghost. Park's goal is to save up 10 million won to have an eye operation, it didn't come out in this episode why he needs an operation as he can see well but I'm thinking he wants to have it so he'll stop seeing ghosts.
 Monk Myung is also some who can see ghosts, Park had never seen them until he had met the monk. Myung visits Park's small apartment quite often to get fed and to sleep over, he's an older monk whose best days have passed him by and he no longer gets asked to exorcise ghosts. Quite a few things weren't brought up in this first show such as how this pair met and why Park is so determined never to see his father again.

 The second major character in this drama is 17 year old Kim Hyung-Ji who just happens to be a ghost. She's really not 17 as she had died five years before but looks like ghosts don't age, she's someone who we don't get to know well enough in this first show but that's okay as she also doesn't know much about herself. Kim haunts the Seoyi Girls High School, she doesn't know why she haunts that school as she can't remember anything about her past except for perhaps her name.
 There has been another female ghost helping her out named Oh, she suggests that the reasons Kim can't remember her past and is still on the Earth is because of two possibilities. One is that she has some unfinished business on Earth, doesn't do Kim any good knowing that as she has no clue about ehr past. The other reason may she is still on Earth is because she hasn't found out how she died, she did have a mini flashback about it but it was too mini to recall the exact details.

 One night Park receives a call from the school asking him to get rid of a ghost and if he's successful then his payment will be ten million won! He didn't know who the caller was but went to the school where he ran into the ghost Kim and tried to beat her up. That didn't go so well for him as though he hurt her quite badly he himself also took a beating and was unable to complete his assignment.
 He returned the next night to finish the job but while he was there he ran into another ghost who was pummeling Kim quite badly. This ghost had been an older teacher at the school though he was actually thought of as a pervert. Took some doing but the pair was finally able to finish off this other ghost and kill him. Appears the way to kill a ghost is by hitting them quite hard in the back of their neck, I've never heard that before.
 There was one incident between this pair just before the conclusion of the show which is that they fell down some stairs together. But what happened is that Park landed on top of Kim and accidentally and gave her a small kiss. What the brief kiss did though was it let Kim see a bit of her past, what she saw was a bit of how she was killed and it may have been in a traffic incident but the glimpse back was too short for her or us to know exactly what happened. At the show's conclusion Kim visits Park at his college, she's been told that perhaps kissing Park again(many times) may let her know much more about her past As the show ends Kim is jumping towards Park with all intentions of kissing him again, how that works out for her we won't know until the next episode.

 This show airs Mondays and Tuesdays so it didn't take viewers long to find out what happened with the next kiss or kisses. I haven't watched it yet but will in two days and am planning on doing a recap for that episode Friday, there really is so much we didn't learn about the characters in this episode event though it was an hour long. Then again leaving things out is what keeps viewers coming back.
 First twenty minutes were kind of slow but after that it picked up quite a bit and turned out to be a very enjoyable watch which I think is going to continue. What slowed it down a bit in the beginning were two scenes with two members of the Ghostnet.com club, they went to the school twice to film a ghost for their site but both times they failed even though there was a ghost there. Seems like the club could be an okay part of the show but it wasn't in this first episode, everything else about the show was quite good.
 Too early to give a grade or recommendation but I enjoyed it, that hour flew by fast and am looking forward to the next episode. Don't know how popular Kim So-Hyun but she seems to have a fair amount of fans, did read many good things about her before watching this and she really is one cutie. She's a bit young too but is really a veteran as she started in dramas when she was eight years old, she's already been in over ten show but I haven't seen any of them. Think the above recap covered most of the action but here's plenty of screenshots that may help you follow the story better.

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