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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2016 #23

 Usually I'm partaking in this activity on a Saturday night....

.... but for the first time in too many months to count decided to take the weekend off from doing my fave pastime. Actually it's been okay as I'm having a long J-Pop marathon, my listening has gone down a bit lately but making up for it today. It's also almost a hundred degrees out there, hate to imagine how many glassfuls of the above I would have needed then.
 Have never posted about them but Passpo is one of my fave J-Pop groups from the last few years, probably never will post about them but do recommend them as I'm playing a CD of them right now. As far as Nogi goes .... wait, looks like someone heard about my rare weekend occurrence!

 Hmmmm, do admit Reika has flown too far below everyone's radar lately as she is looking quite superb. Wait again, looks like this post needs to be finished in record time!

 Gulp, may need to have a few more sober weekends.... nah!!!! Have a few new Nogi things but not sure how many there are but should be enough for a good post, actually doing a good Nogi post is one of the easier things to do. Hmmmm again, hope she's inviting her mate to join us!

 The group performed another concert in Osaka today, actually there were two shows so wondering if the Undergirls had their own solo show. They have two weeks off until their next concert stop which takes place August 6th and 7th in Aichi, be nice to see Rena join them for a few tunes as that's her hometown.
 "Hadashi de Summer" comes out in less than four days, group has been on many music shows performing the song but not as many it seems as previous singles. Posted some promo pics for the single yesterday and have a few more today with you-know-who in the lead off spot.

 Nanami and Sayuri have been feature models for CanCam for about two years now, usually they each have a small spread in their monthly mag. However for the September issue they're joined by a few other members.

 Few July cards, Nanami's may have been posted but know Erika's weren't.

 Mahiro celebrated her 21st b-day today, was thinking about having a solo post for her today but will hold off on that for a few days but will have one for her. Speaking of birthdays you'll see in the second blog pic that there was another mini party for Hinako's special day which happened on July 17th,  don't know why she looks a bit bummed out. These pics are all from the last two days, some are from their Osaka concerts or doing a bit of sightseeing.

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