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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: "W" drama episode four recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo
Lee Jung-Suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-Gene as Yoon So-Hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-Yoon
Park Won-Song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-Sung as Oh Sung-Moo
Lee Si-Un as Park Soo-Bong

 Going to be difficult but will try to keep this as brief as the above post, I'm also a person who doesn't like reading a review that goes on for 10,000 words. As mentioned this episode had a high rating of 14.8% which is a massive increase over the first show's 8.6% rating. It deserved that high figure as this was such an interesting watch with an unpredictable ending.
 Kang had started a TV show some years prior to help find criminals but the main reason was to find out who had murdered his family. However there's been zero success in finding the murderers after all these years but it may have something to do with the attempts on his life. First there was the attempt on the hotel roof then another failed one at his penthouse, Kang has no idea who this criminal could be but thinks it definitely has something to do with his past. Almost forgot as there was one more attempt at the end of episode two as a truck narrowly missed crushing his car. But we also have to realize Kang and all these other people are living in the webtoon world, is there such a thing as murder then?
 Yeon-Joo is back in the webtoon world for the third time, she and us still can't figure out what circumstances send her there. She's been staying at Kang's penthouse and living like royalty though she is so uncomfortable about that. Things are kind of boring for Yeon-Joo at the moment as Kang had to go on a business trip for a few days leaving her all alone.

 Had a bad feeling about Kang's personal secretary Joon and she proved my suspicions were correct. With Kang gone Joon plans on pulling some trickery behind his back and invites Yeon-Joo out to a hotel for a drink, On the way there Yoon suddenly remembers a call she needs to make and will meet her there. It's all a setup though as Yeon-Joo is a wanted person in the webtoon world and soon the hotel is swarming with police.
 Yeon-Joo does manage to elude them for a while and we think she's going to escape with the aid of one of Kang's bodyguards. Five more seconds and she would have eluded them but the police do nab and arrest her to the delight of Yoon who keeps her excitement hidden. Yeon-Joo was able to give the bodyguard the cellphone that Kang had given her so there would be no proof of their relationship.
 At the police station Yeon-Joo is absolutely mum, she won't tell them one thing and the detectives are getting more than irate with her. Finally fed up they send her to the Seoul Detention Center until her trial. Really have no idea what charges could be brought against her, all Yeon-Joo has done in the webtoon world is save Kang's live a few times, she hasn't committed any crime except for disappearing after saving his life.

 Kang finally arrives back in Seoul and is shocked when he learns of Yeon-Joo's fate. He's also more than furious with the trap Yoon set for her, so much that he fired her on the spot. Would presume she'll get rehired as she does have a big role in this show. Being so wealthy Kang does have a lot of pull with the police and certain politicians but is unable to get Yeon-Joo out of jail.
 Kang visits her and tries to get her to start telling the police some info as it's the only way she'll get released. Kang knows about being in prison as he was there for almost a year as he was wrongly sentenced for killing his family, that was eventually overturned. Yeon-joo states she won;t tell the police one thing but does finally explain to Kang the real story even though he won't believe it.
 However Kang does believe her story about there being two worlds as he thinks that's how she manages to disappear so suddenly. What he really thought was that there was another dimension, when Yeon-Joo told him that he was actually the main character in a webtoon it left him speechless. This us where Kang's emotions come into play, for some reason when he starts to behave in a certain way then Yeon-Joo returns to the real world. And who knows what Kang's emotions are now after being told he's not a real person but someone who lives in a webtoon. Whatever his feelings were they were the right ones for Yeon-Joo to once again disappear back into her own world, her disappearance definitely created mayhem at the Detention Center.

 Almost finished with this, upon her arrival back in her world Yeon-Joo had deduced that she had been in the webtoon for a week but in actual time it was only a half hour in the real world. Her father's webtoon assistant is a trustworthy guy and tries to redraw the comic to get Yeon-Joo out of trouble and to end the madness once and for all. At first it looked like redrawing it worked but quickly things took a turn for the worse, really much worse.
 All of the computers went haywire and ceased to work, that also erased all of the re-drawings and it looked like they couldn't access the webtoon any more. Though Kang wasn't a real person, least we don;t think he is, the situation has left Yeon-Joo very distraught as she really started to fall for him. That brings us to the final conclusion and it's one interesting cliffhanger.
 In the webtoon world time was frozen after the computers ceased to function, time was frozen for everyone except for Kang. He was still at the prison and had no clue what was going on in his world but an event which made him think that he may be in a webtoon world occurred. Suddenly some strange force about the size of a small wall appeared before him, he had seen something like that once before. That time was on the hotel roof where he lay dying, Yeon-Joo had stepped out of that glowing wall so could this be the portal between the two worlds?
 The answer to that is yes as Kang, with nothing to lose as his world was frozen, stepped into the glowing wall and disappeared. He just disappeared from the webtoon world as when he stepped through the wall he ended up in the real world of Yeon-Joo's or at least we think it's the real world. The episode ended on that suspenseful note as Kang is standing on the roof of a small apartment building in Seoul, we're going to presume that his mission will be to find Yeon-Joo.

 Didn't expect that ending but it certainly sets up so many possibilities for future episodes, not that any more mysteries were really needed. To me this nay have been the best episode of them all so far, the action has slowed down but the intensity level has increased so much, enjoy these kinds of dramas where you have no clue what could happen next.
 Can't wait to view the next two episodes which air on Wednesdays and Thursdays, let's hope the ratings also keep increasing and should be back this time next week recapping those two shows. A viewer made a comment a few days ago about the "Squad 38" drama, that looks like an interesting show and do have the first episode so will be watching that soon.

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