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Friday, July 22, 2016

Korean drama "Bring it on Ghost" episode two recap and screenshots

 This series also goes by the name of "Let's Fight Ghost", if you look this show up either way you'll get the same results.

 Start Date: July 11, 2016.... airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:00 pm pm tvn

Main Cast:

Taec Yeon as Park Bong-Pal
Kim So-Hyun as Kim Hyun-Ji
Kwon Yool as Joo Hye-Sung
Kim Sang-Ho as Monk Myung
Lee Do-Yeon as Oh Kyung-Ja
Kang Ki-Young as Choi Chun-Sang
David Lee as Kim In-Rang
Baek Seo-E as Im Seo-yeon

 Sure you've noticed how many more K-dramas I've been viewing recently, from a ten year fan of J-dramas the the Korean shows these days are easily eclipsing their Japanese counterparts. Keep starting J- dramas and quit them after a few episodes as to put it honestly too many of them are quite boring, unoriginal, predictable and star way too many Idols and young actresses. On the other hand K-dramas are the exact opposite and I'll bet a few ex J-drama fans may agree with some of my thoughts. Will stop those thoughts now but perhaps soon a few posts on the state of J/K-dramas will be in the works.
 Here I go and say K-dramas are so much better when this episode slipped a bit compared to the first show. The last twenty minutes were fine though and don't think the series itself is going to slip. Main reason this episode wasn't as good as we were introduced to a few new characters and we didn't see enough of the two main ones, but the way the show ended think it's back on track.

 As mentioned there were two new characters introduced and think they will be playing somewhat of a key part in the series. One character is Im Seo-yeon who is in one of Park's college classes. He has kind of a crush on her and it's easy to see why as she's one cutie. A few things were clarified better this show, one is that Park is twenty and not 22 as I said in the first recap and he's a sophomore, not a senior. Im is a senior and the two are now assistants to the professor in the class which means the shy Park will finally be getting his big chance, Kim played a big part in setting them up.
 The professor's name is Joo who also owns a veterinarian clinic, Im and Park are in his class though neither are studying to be a veterinary. He's quite a popular professor at the college but he does hold a dark secret which we haven't learned yet. In one scene we see him changing and on his back is a huge tattoo, one that that gangsters in Korea usually wear. Sure we'll be seeing more of them for the rest of the series but let's briefly look at what happened to the two main characters.
 We learned int he first episode Kim is a 17 year old ghost who had died five years before. She has lost all of her memories such as who she really is and how she died. In the first episode there was a brief accidental kiss between Kim and Park and during those two seconds Kim was able to see a bit of her past. At the conclusion she was about to kiss Park again and that scene was finished in this show. However the kiss didn't happen as an insect happened to hover around Kim as she was about to kiss him and it destroyed the moment.

 The rest of the episode Kim kept trying to kiss Park and failed every time, she won't tell him exactly what she wants and he's unsure if she's trying to seduce him. Park is also a ghost bounty hunter, he charges 1 million won for beating up a ghost and we're unsure how he got this special power. There was a flashback scene where he witnessed his mother's death as she was struck by a car, after she died he was able to see her ghost. Last recap said that he got the ghost seeing power from an older monk who occasionally lives with him, perhaps he did at a young age but that hasn't been disclosed yet.
 One mystery which happened towards the end of the show dealt with Park and we have no clue where it may go. The monk was scrounging through the garbage looking for a letter Park through out when a woman started berating him for stealing thinks from the garbage. The monk explained to her that he lived with Park in apartment 402 and has been for a while. That woman said it's impossible as no one lived in that apartment and hasn't for a while, all indications lead to the fact that Park himself may be a ghost!

 Will try to wrap this up quickly, yesterday's drama recap may have been the longest one ever done and don't want to approach the length of that one. That should be easy as not too many new things happened with either Kim or Park this episode but looks they have become a ghost fighting team. In the finale Park was offered a job at the Gampo Inn to get rid of a ghost, a truly devilish one as the monk had already tried to defeat it and failed.
 Kim tagged along with Park to the inn, also secretly following were the members of the Ghostnet college club. They know that Park can see ghosts and have tried to recruit him into their club with no success. At the inn Park also had difficulties with the ghost who was a prostitute murdered many years ago by her pimp. The pimp also had been murdered and showed up at the scene to for some reason save the other ghost.
 He was one string ghost and really put a hurting on Kim and Park, eventually through a bit of teamwork the pair was able to kill the evil ghost, wonder where ghosts go when they're killed? After the ghost was slayed the female ghost was able to leave the earth peacefully, wonder also where do the peaceful ones go? At the very end Kim tries to tell Park about what a kiss from him will do, she beats around the bush but think Park was able to deduce what she wants. Once again as a show ends we see Kim and Park about to kiss and once again we're left in suspense as we don't know whether it will fail again.

 This series is a bit similar to "Ghost Friends", a fine 2009 J-drama but there are many differences but the main thing is that a human and ghost are working to overcome evil ghosts. Like I mentioned bit of a comedown from the first show but it did end strongly and it appears as though the rest of the episodes will be a solid watch. Unsure how many recaps of this drama I will do, plan on finishing it but would rather not do a recap for all of the shows, don't know if it's going to be 16 or 20 episodes.
 However will do posts at least on the next two shows, perhaps after those I'll have a better feel for those future plans. The next recap will be either Sunday or Monday, I'm already behind as episodes three and four aired this week. Few more screenshots to help you follow what happened in this episode, most feature Kim So-Hyun who really is one cute gal.

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