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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Han Hyo-joo: "W" drama episode recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-joo as Oh Yeon-joo
Lee Jung-suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-gene as Yoon So-hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-yoon
Park Won-song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-sung as Oh Sung-moo
Lee Si-un as Park Soo-bong

 There's a few more characters in the drama though we didn't meet too many of them in this episode or if we did it was just very briefly. This was really one interesting, confusing watch but also one that rated an A+, hope all of the shows are like this one. Usually like to introduce most of the main characters in a show's first post but won't be doing it this time.
 Reason for that is because the main two characters dominated the scenes in this first show, there actually was only four main scenes with a few brief ones thrown in. For this first recap will introduce the two main characters and explain a bit about them. Shouldn't be too many spoilers as the show ended with so many questions and mysteries, would think many of us aren't sure of quite a few things yet hut that's what will keep us coming back.

 This first episode starts all the way back to 2004 and the Olympics that took place in Athens. Seventeen year old Kang Chul is on the Korean pistol shooting team, he wasn't ranked too high in the world but going into the final two rounds he had the lead. However he had a terrible shot in the eighth round which dropped him to third, only a perfect shot in the final round would give him the victory. No need to build up  the suspense as he accomplished that perfection and walked home with the gold.
 Kang didn't continue with the shooting after his high school graduation, wouldn't think that's a lifetime profession. Instead Kang studied computers to the dismay of his his father who had been his coach at the Olympics. Besides his father there was also his mother, little brother and sister in the family though we only see them for a few seconds in this show.
 And we may never see them again either as one night the family, sans Kang Chul, was at home when an intruder broke in. It wasn't a regular break in as the intruder came to murder the family and did with just four shots all in their heads. Shortly after Kang was arrested for the murders as the bullets were from the pistol he used winning the gold medal, also the pistol was found near their house.

 At the trial it looked like Kang had no chance of being found innocent as all the evidence pointed to him. Plus the DA was a ruthless man, we only saw him in one scene in this show but he's going to be a regular character and that's because he still probably wants to put Kang away. At the trial Kang was found guilty, the DA wanted the death sentence but it was reduced to a life sentence. Shortly after though new evidence appeared and Kang ended up being acquitted.
 After a few rough years Kan's life seems to be in order, don't know if he finished his schooling but he now works for JN Global and pulls down quite an impressive salary. After his acquittal and his working for JN Global we didn't see any of Kang's life so there should be plenty of flashbacks and other info so we can learn about his past. The show ends with him lying in a hospital bed, someone tried to murder him though he was saved and the details on that are in Oh's segment which is next.

 Oh Yeon-joo had to be on the screen for at least forty minutes of this hour episode, I and her fans were glad to see that. Her age wasn't given but she has to be at least 25, Yeon-joo is studying to be a doctor at Myungsei University. She's not the most talented student but one day gets called into her professor's office when he learns that her father is a manga artist. Currently he's writing a series called "Kang Chul"(?), volume 34 is about to be published. That's part of the mystery, where did that title come from and is it the real title?
 Yeon-joo visits her father at his office to get some info about the upcoming manga which may be the last in the series. The assistants at the office are at a loss what happened to the elder Oh, the previous night he had disappeared and this volume was due at the end of the day. Yeon-joo checks around his office and discovers the new manga on his computer, before she can check out more though she's clubbed over the head.

 That had taken place during the day, that night Yeon-hee woke up on the roof of the Plaza Hotel and had no idea how she got there. On the roof she discovered a man about her age bleeding quite badly, he had been beaten quite severely and was about to die. After asking the hotels kitchen staff to call for help Yeon-joo went back to the roof to try to save the man. She thought herself a bit inept even though she had been studying for a while and thought there was zero chance to save the man.
 However she was able to save him him by thrusting a broken pen in him to allow some air to get to his lungs, shortly after help came but by then Yeon-joo had saved the day. The man in question, unknown to her, was Kang and we have no idea yet what had happened to him We also have no clue how Yeon-joo ended up on the hotel's roof, like I mentioned quite a few questions and no answers.
 In the meantime Yeon-joo's father had contacted his assistants and gave them the finished volume 34 of the manga, no one saw him though as it just appeared on his computer. Another strange happening occurred then as Yeon-joo suddenly re-appeared at her father's office, was everything that just happened a dream?

 This is getting a bit long so will wrap it up quickly. Yeon-joo looked at the new manga and a new character was introduced with the name of Oh Yeon-joo! The manga's story was what had happened on the hotel's roof, what exactly is going on she and us wondered. I'm not going to guess what the answer could be but it really is one of the bigger mysteries I've ever seen and could get even more mysterious.
 Finally Kang is lying in his hospital bed when his secretary tries to fill him in on who saved him on the hotel roof, still don't know why or who tried to murder him. The secretary found out Yeon-joo's name but hadn't found out her address but did tell Kang her business card showed she was a student at Myungsei University. In another twist to the story it was discovered that there is no school by that name, talk about adding even another mystery to the uncountable total.

 Sorry for making that so long, didn't want to but just so much happened and I even left out a few minor things. Lot of question marks in the recap as there are just so many unanswered questions, there's so many hope that future posts aren't as long answering them.
 The second episode aired tonight so will be back this weekend to let you know what happened in that show. So far would highly recommend watching it, bit confusing perhaps due to all of the mysteries but haven't seen such an excellent episode like this one in quite a long time.
 No need to tell Hyo-joo fans how terrific she looked, you can tell by these screenshots which may fill in some of the questions you may have. Of course many of them won't be answered but it's things like that which keep us viewers coming back. Don't know what the rating was for this first show but will try to have it for you in the next post.

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