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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nogizaka46: (a lot of) A little of this and that for 2016 #24....

 Wow, I certainly get quite a few stares when I leave the shower curtain open....

 Sigh.... looks like Sayuri has just suffered a huge drop on my fave members list, just hope the others aren't in agreement!
 Posted some blog pics on Sunday from their Osaka concerts, in one of them Hinako didn't look too happy in getting another birthday cake for her 20th....

.... obviously it's because she liked the size of Nao's much more!!!!

 Not a lot of things for today but as the title says it is a lot, just a lot of a few thingsas there's close to 70 pics! It's Tuesday 8:50 pm where I live, that's EDT, but in Japan it's Wednesday 9:50 am which means the group's 15th single is now available in stores. Have noticed though that most first week sales are pre-orders and the majority of store sales are after that first week. Their last single "Harujoin ga Sakukoro" sold close to 750,000 copies in it's first week which was easily a group record as the previous high for first week sales were 627,000 copies sold, quite a huge increase.
 New single isn't my fave Nogi single by a long shot but it's much better than the previous two, once things settle down for this single and I've heard it a few more times will get around to finally doing my 'Fave Nogi Singles' post. Actually that list may not be all A-sides as my fave tune by them is a B-side plus a few others like that would end up in my top ten.
 On to some current things, what is it about Nogi that makes the words flow out of me? Have posted a few cards for July already, have done some for Nanami but these are different ones and following her are Mai, Hinako and Reika.

 Asuka we've naturally been seeing in many mag spreads lately as she's the center for the new single. Odd pairing here as she joins up with the Undergirl Ranze in the September issue of UTB.

 Here's someone who doesn't need to paired up as this is one of Mai's best spreads in quite a long time, one of her biggest spreads too. This set is also from the September UTB and they made a wise choice for their cover gal. This issue also has a few other member spreads, will post them tomorrow.

 No mag spread but actually something a bit better. On July 25th Nanase was at Non-no's 45th anniversary celebration in Osaka which happens to be hometown. There was a answer and question session plus a lottery where a few lucky fans won some items though would doubt if any of the prizes were the group's new single. Sadly once again a Nogi event where's there no video.

 Lastly have some group blog pics, will get back to posting individual ones tomorrow.

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