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Friday, July 29, 2016

Haruka Shimazaki: Few recent happenings....

 Really needed a break from Nogi so zero posts today for the group, not tired of them but if I keep doing 2-3 posts a day then something like that could happen but of course it'd be a mild case. Haven't done too many posts for AKB members lately, not even ones for who have graduated. There was such a stretch of inactivity for my big faves but in the last month the opposite has happened and it's been tough keeping up with them and it's been about time.
 Haruka is definitely a big fave of mine, she's not my current favorite member of AKB but is awful close and with one graduation and perhaps more coming up she could end up in the top spot soon. AKB's next single will be their 45th one, it's coming out on August 31st and is titled "LOVE TRIP". I've been an AKB fan for a long time but these current singles don't do much for me, though I do still play their music most of the time it's the songs before 2013.
 That's no knock on Haruka though, wish they had more members like her or at least older ones. Not that Haruka is at all old as she's just 22 but in so many pics she could still pass for a teen. As far as Haruka pics go it's hard to beat these as on July 29th she was at the 'Girls Award Summer Festival. The event took place at the National Yoyogi Stadium's second gymnasium, that stadium is way too huge for an event like this. Shocked me that Nogi wasn't at the event as they're always at these Girls Awards show, perhaps they were but avoided all news from them today. Haruka really looks A+ in these pics, she was sick for a while earlier this year but appears to have recovered. There's also a video of the event, have that at the bottom of the post.

 Couple new Haruka mag spreads, first is from the July 9th Tokyo Date.

 Haruka's spreads this year have been much more conservative than her ones from previous years, wonder if it's because she lost so much weight when she was ill. However this is still a superb set of pics from the September issue of Samurai ELO.

 Not enough new Haruka pics but it's good to see her a bit more active and looking so much better, here's the video from the Girls Awards show.


  1. am i the only who thinks its weird that nao follows the anti kpop fangirl blog? haha :D

    + he should start watching k drama 38 task force, its good

  2. There's no doubt I may be a tad weird but sure viewers have noticed that by now. I like AFK's site, learn a bit more about K-Pop plus it is a bit hilarious at times.