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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ayami Nakajo: Haagen Dazs promo event pics and new CM

 Two weeks in a row having a post for Ayami and that's after over a year without one. Will be back and post some things which have been missed and I'm sure there are quite a few such as mag spreads. Also Ayami appears at so many events like this one today so sure there will be a few of those posts too. Kind of like the way she looks as she has kind of an eerie way about her.
 That eeriness works well for her in dramas and films, really wish she appeared in more of them. Recapped the 'SHE" drama which Ayami had a big and key role in, shame it was only five episodes. As you can see her eeriness was really effective in the series, perhaps not by these screenshots but if you view the drama you'll know what I mean.

 One reason Ayami is at so many events like this one is that she promotes so many products, you could almost call her the Queen of CM's! On March 23rd she was at an event promoting a new limited time Haagen Dazs flavor called Lounge. Kind of funny, after I wrote about her being a Queen am reading an article about the event from Hochi and they refer to her as the 'Next Generation CM Queen'. Many superb Ayami pics from here the event as I truly enjoy her different looks and after them you can view her new CM which just came out today.

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